Cleaners and Degreasers For All Your Floor Cleaning Needs

All Total Clean detergents have been specifically formulated for use in automatic floor scrubbers. Emulsifiers breakdown oils and grease quickly, de-foaming agents enhance the water recovery systems, surfactants that make water softer to eliminate spots, rust inhibitors to protect exposed components and high concentrations to minimize ordering.

Advanced Ultra-Butyl Based Solvent

Advanced Ultra-Butyl Based SolventAdvanced Ultra-Butyl Based Solvent detergent extremely effective on petroleum based oils and multi-purpose cleaning.

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Advanced Heavy Duty Degreaser

Advanced Heavy Duty-Heavy Butyl BasedAdvanced Heavy Duty-Heavy Butyl Based all purpose cleaner, Highly Concentrated, great for heavy soilage.

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Citrus Max-Citrus Based Degreaser

Citrus Max-Citrus Based DegreaserCitrus Max-Citrus Based Degreaser with Natural Solvents. Great for Tire Marks or spots.

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Soyl-XsmallSOYL-X Meets Green Seal’s Environmental standards for industrial cleaners. Made from Soybeans, it is a safe cleaner and degreaser that really works.

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LEMON Force-Neutral PH Cleaner

LEMON Force-Neutral PH CleanerLEMON Force-Neutral PH Cleaner for waxed surfaces.

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