Our Dream Team at Total Clean Equipment and How They Make Us Thrive

As a thriving business with humble roots, Total Clean Equipment knows that our success won’t be possible without our dream team. We are a national industry leader in providing quality cleaning equipment like our parent company, the Haaker Equipment Company. Here are the admirable people that were significant in achieving that status for us:

Matt Woods, President

City sidewalks, concrete plants, amusement parks – you name it, Matt has had experience in cleaning it. His 15-year track record in the industry has truly developed his technical and leadership skills, especially when he was a highly rated Haaker employee. That’s why Team Haaker didn’t doubt that Matt could head Team Total Clean and make it flourish.

Robin Haaker-Durant, Director of Inside Sales and Marketing

Coming from a family of sweeper sale representatives and entrepreneurs, Robin has probably known commercial cleaning equipment since she was a tot. She manages different territories in Total Clean. Above all, she is a gem when it comes to communicating with customers.

Rick Tindall, Senior Area Manager, Riverside and San Bernardino Counties

A Southern California native, Rick has over two decades of commercial cleaning experience. He is our equipment specialist for all major brands in all markets. Like Robin, Rick relates delightfully with customers and always builds long-term relationships with them.

Kyle Wright, Area Manager, Las Vegas and Southern Nevada

Kyle has in-depth experience in construction equipment and other industrial cleaning solutions. He’s highly dedicated to his job and won’t stop until the customers get what they need.

Diego Sanchez, Area Manager, Eastern Los Angeles County and North Orange County

With over a decade of experience, you can already call Diego a veteran in industrial cleaning equipment consultation. He has a unique ability to understand exactly what the customers’ needs are and to provide excellent corresponding solutions.

Dave Kane, Area Manager, Kern County

Like Matt, Dave has been a Team Haaker member (for over 20 years) initially. His multiple roles in the company and his extensive knowledge in the products allow him to serve customers outstandingly.

Ruben Ortiz, Area Manager, Los Angeles and Ventura Counties

For Ruben, selling cleaning products – especially eco-friendly ones – helps customers make a difference. Like the rest of the team, he makes sure that each customer can enjoy this privilege.

Are you ready to work with the Total Clean Equipment dream team? Call us with your queries at 1-909-598-2706.