Used Floor Scrubbers for Sale in Los Angeles, CA

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Finding Your Next Used Floor Scrubber Los Angeles

Great used floor scrubbers in Los Angeles are what we specialize in at Total Clean. We make sure every used floor cleaning machine is reconditioned to highest of standards so our clients can feel confident in their purchase. If you are a facility cleaning manager or a part of environmental services, we can help you with your used floor scrubber machine needs. Our used floor cleaning equipment will help save you time and money for both larger and smaller cleaning operations. Choosing the right used floor scrubber for your application is critical to keep your operations running effectively. Total Clean Equipment can help you find a reconditioned floor scrubber that you can rely on.

These tips will help you weigh your options:

How Much Savings Will a Used Floor Scrubber Offer?

Used floor scrubbers offer significant cost savings over brand new scrubbers. For most applications it is easy to achieve a doubling of the ROI.

How Much Maintenance is Required?

Like all scrubbers they need proper care and to be serviced by a leading dealer that provides floor scrubber service in Los Angeles to run smoothly. Treated well they can last over 10 years. We make sure to put new brushes on our used floor scrubbers, new squeegee’s and a technician will provide 50 point inspection on the machine before we deliver to our customers.

Tips For Purchasing a Used Floor Scrubber in Los Angeles, CA:

Buying a used floor scrubber is not a small investment so you want to make sure you do your homework as with any major purchase. Let us help you make sure you find a quality scrubber that you can afford:

  • Be sure you are buying from a reputable dealer that has parts and service capabilities. They will know the ins and outs of product and can effectively prepare a used floor scrubber for sale.
  • Evaluate the ‘Total Package’ – be sure to look beyond the quoted rate, and make sure that you are factoring in taxes, hours on the unite, delivery costs, and any training your staff may need.
  • Measure your ROI – It might not make as much sense to buy a used floor scrubber if it has a ton of hours or you will be needing it for the next ten years, at that point you may need to look at leasing a brand new scrubber.

Give us a call today if you are looking for a great used floor scrubber!

Total Clean. Total Solutions.

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