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Floor Scrubbers in Los Angeles: Top Considerations for School Floors

Commercial floor scrubbers for Los Angeles buildings enable you to sanitize large surfaces and get rid of spills and grime that endanger occupants and affect indoor air quality. For optimum efficiency, you have to select the right scrubbers in terms of type, power, function and size. Also consider the value of the machine and weigh the costs involved before deciding to make the investment.


When cleaning the floors of a public school, university or any other educational institution, certain considerations come into play. Powerful industrial scrubbers, for instance, typically won’t be appropriate for these buildings. You also need to analyze the specifications of each make and model. Finally, you will have to take the school’s cleaning needs into account, particularly with regard to the following:

Types and Sizes of Flooring

Some classrooms and restrooms simply need to be mopped, but the hallways, gym and cafeteria and should be cleaned with automatic scrubbers. For greater cleaning efficiency, you can opt for dual-purpose machines like sweeper scrubbers.


Look beyond the floor scrubber’s price tag and consider its maintenance costs as well as the amount to be spent on cleaning solutions.

If buying a new floor scrubber seems too expensive after you’ve done the math, you can explore more economical options like rentals or used floor scrubbers in Los Angeles. Companies like Total Clean Equipment can provide you a selection of quality cleaning machines that have undergone rigorous checks, maintenance, and parts replacement. You can even count on them to train your staff on the efficient use of machinery.


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