The Best Floor Scrubber Inventory in California

If you are looking for a high performance floor scrubber in San Diego, turn to Total Clean. We provide the leading floor scrubbing machines that help you clean more efficiently. Our machines redefine maneuverability with their innovative designs, and some floor scrubber models deliver powerful sweeping and scrubbing in just one pass. You can “go green” without sacrificing clean with our floor scrubbers equipped with EcoFlex technology, and our true industrial floor scrubber inventory includes models with productivity, ease-of-use, reliability and maintenance built in.

Advance SC6000

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Unparalleled durability and ease of use. High Productivity in a compact package. Up to 30% greater runtime/productivity versus nearest competitor. Rugged industrial design for maximum life. Fully protected scrub deck, tubular frame, and extended life cylindrical deck components. SmartKey™ with impact detection. Provides unique levels of user access to produce consistent results with greater operator accountability, and lower total cost of cleaning.

Advance SC8000

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The Advance SC8000™ rider scrubber is the definition of innovative and optimized design. This maneuverable front steer scrubber houses the widest cylindrical scrub deck in its class. This deck’s dual countr-rotating cylindrical brushes are capable of sweeping and scrubbing in a single pass. DustGuard™ suppresses and controls dust using a “fog” at the side broom. Using Advance’s One-Touch™, the entire scrub system is activated simply by the press of a button.

Advance SC6500

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Experience the combination of effortless control and efficient, sustainable scrubbing in one powerful, compact package: the Advance SC6500™ rider scrubber. Available with either disc or cylindrical scrubbing, the SC6500 is engineered to deliver effective, single-pass cleaning in demanding environments such as warehouses, manufacturing plants, athletic facilities, universities and more.

Advance Adgressor

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The Adgressor is designed as a true industrial rider scrubber with reliability, productivity, and ease of use and maintenance built in. Combining large scrub decks and solution capacities with maneuverability and speed, the Adgressor delivers high productivity. A steel chassis and metal bumpers stand up to tough operating environments while thick high-density polyethylene tanks will not dent, crack or corrode. The Adgressor with EcoFlex System delivers the flexibility to clean your floors more efficiently. With the Adgressor, you’ll reduce your cost to clean and create a more sustainable cleaning program.

Clarke Focus II MicroRider

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The Clarke Focus II MicroRider is a small, easily maneuverable machine that is designed to clean the areas that are inaccessible with larger riders—including those with limited access or tight corners. Yet, with a 26 or 28 inch deck, the Focus II MicroRider offers a wide cleaning path for maximum productivity in your larger cleaning areas. The low-profile SatetyGlide deck eliminates wasted time and money spent on side skirts, and irritating watermarks. Simply turn the steering wheel; as the machine turns, the deck automatically moves in line with the path of the rear squeegee, resulting in 100% water pick-up. With a spring-loaded safety design, you no longer have to worry about accuracy or accidental contact for edge cleaning. The deck ensures precise, straight edge cleaning without additional labor-intensive detail edge mopping.

Clarke Focus II Rider

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The Clarke Focus® II Rider lets you easily satisfy the job at hand. Available with a 28 or 34 inch disc deck or a 28 inch BOOST® deck, the Focus II Rider can easily clean university entryways or remove floor finish in healthcare facility hallways. A large 31 gallon tank and low-solution flow rates result in 84 minutes of continuous scrubbing without a dump and refill, while increased down pressure (up to 225 pounds) allows for one pass cleaning. When your application requires diverse cleaning performance, select from three solution flow rates, fine tune solution ratios and adjust between five speed settings.

Powerboss Admiral 48

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Provides sweeping with dust control, intensive scrubbing and perfect vacuuming in one pass.

82 gallon solution and recovery tanks allow extended operation time by limiting dumping and filling.
Powerful drive allows climbing ability of up to 20%.
Three separate drive motors for the scrubbing brushes guarantee an even cleaning result.
Two independent .82 HP vacuum motors provide a completely dry floor behind the machine after scrubbing.
Clear line of sight to the left or right of the operator position provides opportunity to clean closer to walls and objects producing a professional cleaning result.

Powerboss Nautilus Hi-Dump

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The NAUTILUS HI-DUMP scrubber sweeper can be an exceptional value to your company. Large water capacities provide longer cleaning time, heavy duty stainless steel parts offer lower cost of ownership, and the unmatched maneuverability helps to ensure professional cleaning results that will make the difference for you.

Easy Two Button Hydraulic 60″ High Dumping: The squeegee and hopper raise and lower switches can function at one time to raise and lower or independently for maintenance purposes. After raising, simply open the dump door.

Easy Access: The operator can raise the hopper to remove the access for to easily inspect the hopper. The hydraulic quick view squeegee allows the operator to raise the squeegee to an ergonomic level to easily make adjustments or change the squeegee. A large drain hose provides quick and clean draining of the dirty water. Two large doors at the top of the tank and one 4″ access cap provide easy access for washing the recovery tank free of sediment.

Read and React Maneuverability: The operator can turn around in a 9-foot aisle if needed without having to back up or turn off the water or brushes while scrubbing. The operator can Read the traffic and React safely.

Powerboss Nautilus Sweeper Scrubber

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Quick Scrub: Utilizing only one switch, the operator can have all functions turn on and off. The functions (SCRUB & or VACUUM) are selected prior to cleaning. The GREEN QUICK SCRUB master switch turns the selected functions on and off. Individual functions can be adjusted by the operator during the cleaning process. The operator can change water flow and brush pressure on the move.

Pro Scrub: Prolonged Runtime Operation – Long scrub time before draining and refilling.

105 Gallons of Solution Water Flow Rates:

Normal: .88 gallons per minute = 2 hours of runtime
High: 1.5 gallons per minutes = 1 hour, 10 minutes of runtime

Professional Cleaning Results: Two powerful Eaton hydraulic motors turn two 45” cylindrical brushes at 425 rpm. Choose 200, 300 or 400 lbs of down pressure using the selector knob on the operator control panel. Rip the build-up off the floor or bring the polish back to the high gloss finish. 11,500 CFM vacuum completely dries the floor allowing forklift or foot traffic to travel safely behind the machine.

Powerboss ADMIRAL 30 - 30" DISC

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Compact and manuverable design allows the operator excellent visibility and comfort while operating this unit.
Dual 15″ disc brushes or pad drivers complete the 30″ cleaning path.
Ergonomic design allows for exit and entry on either side of operators compartment and adjustable seat amongst other great ergonomic features.
Easy to use operator control panel. One touch, one button operation.
Sealed drive motor with easy access.
Non-marking tires come standard.
Guide wheels allow the operator to protect the facility and machine.

Powerboss ADMIRAL 40 – 40″ DISC

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A choice of equipment to meet your requirements: Wet scrubbing and dry vacuuming in one operation and a presweep option is also offered.
The 82 gallon tank allows for long run times. Optional dirty water recycling system for multiple use of the cleaning solution.
A strong industrial heavy-duty fork lift truck drive with power reserves for gradients of up to 20%.
Two separate drive motors for the scrubbing brushes with high degree of stability even when carrying out thorough basic cleaning.
Working close to the edge and increased working width up to 46” when wet scrubbing as a result of the suspended side scrubbing unit (option).
All working functions such as wet scrubbing, supply of water, dry vacuuming, all at the push of a single button.
The machine is programmed by our engineers according to your specific requirements (for example, brushes and water supply stop when machine comes to a standstill).
Quiet battery drive, free from exhaust fumes and quick exchange of batteries in approx. 2 minutes.
An ergonomic workplace with fully sprung driver’s seat which can be adjusted to the driver’s weight. All operating controls are in direct reach of the operator. Easy steering, simple to operate.
Optimum view of the area to be cleaned and of the operating panel thanks to the seating position at the center of the machine. Handy: operator can mount the machine from both sides.


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The Admiral 38C provides sweeping, intensive scrubbing and perfect vacuuming in one pass. Single front wheel steer and drive provides exceptional traction and maneuverability making this machine easy to use and super productive. The cylindrical brushes give complete coverage as they float over any type of flooring, even rough and structured flooring. The sweeping function works especially well for industrial areas such as manufacturing facilities, warehouses and distribution centers where dirt and small debris may cover the area to be cleaned.


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Guaranteed powerful basic and maintenance cleaning: for example.: brush pressure can be adjusted via a foot pedal for basic cleaning.
A powerful, efficient pre-sweep unit to sweep up loose dirt in the dry area in front of the scrubbing brushes (optional equipment).
A connection (fitted as standard) for hand-held scrubbing and vacuuming tools for thorough cleaning of corners and areas difficult to access.
A powerful drive motor with power reserves for gradients of up to 10%.
Comfortable operation. As a result of the compact construction, areas which were previously cleaned with a walk-behind machine can be cleaned while the operator is seated comfortably.
Optimum view of the area to be cleaned thanks to the central position of the driver’s seat.
Extremely easy operation: the green button starts all working functions at the push of a single button
The machine is programmed by our engineers according to your specific requirements (for example brushes and water supply stop when machine comes to a standstill).
Four wheel design with three wheel maneuverability

ADMIRAL 26 - 26" DISC or CYL

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Admiral 26 in cylindrical or disc – 26” cleaning path
Solution/Recovery tank : 27 gallons
Five position control panel
Dual side entry and 180 degree view
Fully variable solution flow rate
Removable debris box on cylindrical scrub deck
Two caster wheels ensure proper squeegee alignment
Turns 360 degrees on its own axis for exceptional maneuverability
Durable construction: structural steel tubing that is powder coated
to resist corrosion and a rotationally molded polyethylene
solution/recovery tank
In both cylindrical and disc systems, brushes are computer
controlled to follow the contour of the floor
Equipped with Aqua-Stop


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Cylindrical brushes provide wet sweeping capabilities
Standard dual side sweeping brushes
(ACS) Aqua-Control System economical, electronically controlled water dosage with memory function
Equipped with Aqua-Stop surround on the disc model

ADMIRAL 28/32 XL-28 or 32" DISC/CYL

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One innovative design produces four versatile models
Choose from 28” or 32” scrubbing paths and choose from cylindrical or rotary disc scrub decks that are nterchangeable on the same chassis
Compact and maneuverable, the Admiral moves through tight spaces with ease while the operator rides in complete comfort
The Admiral offers many outstanding standard features and many options to meet all of your scrubbing needs
The Admiral cleans 42,360 to 45,450 sq. ft. per hour
Six, 6 volt, 275 AH batteries provide several hours of run time on a single charge for maximum productivity
Powerful scrub decks scrub and vacuum up solution in one pass leaving the floor immediately ready for traffic