PowerBoss Scrubmaster B175 R


Operator comfort, industrial durability and superior cleaning results, all in one compact package.

The PowerBoss Scrubmaster B175 R is available in two versatile cleaning platforms to meet every day cleaning needs: 33” dual cylindrical for wet sweeping and scrubbing in a single pass, or 42” dual disc for a balanced deep scrub for high-performance flooring needs. In addition, the B175 disc model offers an optional pre-sweep attachment that immediately transforms the machine into a TRUE sweeper-scrubber (dry sweep and wet scrub in a single pass).


independent 46-gallon solution and 46-gallon recovery tanks

speed dosing water control

46 Gallon Solution/46 Gallon Recovery Tank Capacity

Lift and Lock Rear Squeegee Blade

Total Clean. Total Solutions.

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