Even Janitorial Equipment in Los Angeles Needs Pressure Washers

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Heavy-duty cleaning tools such as high-pressure power washers and sweepers are some of the most valuable and versatile pieces of janitorial equipment in Los Angeles and elsewhere. Applications of these tools include the transportation, construction, food processing, agriculture, mining and livestock industries, among others. These machines have become necessary investments for business and industry.

The Essential Information You Need About Pressure Washers

High-pressure washers help maintain other equipment

If you own a sweeper, experts recommend buying a high-pressure washer to help maintain it. High-pressure washers are useful for clearing the sweeper’s exterior and interior of sticky debris and dirt. Regular maintenance and cleaning of the sweeper’s hopper can extend its life by as much as fifty percent. Also, a spotless, well-maintained piece of machinery projects a positive image for your company.

More cleaning power than hoses

Many contractors and business owners believe that a spray nozzle attached to a garden hose can do what a pressure washer does. Not only is this untrue, but garden hoses tend to waste more water because of insufficient pressure. Pressure washers use less water because the high pressure is able to displace the dirt and grime quickly.

Hot or cold?

If the surface to be pressure-cleaned contains grease or oil (like surfaces in garages, workshops, factories or vehicles), a hot water pressure cleaner will be most effective. For everything else, such as driveways, building and vehicle exteriors, and furniture, a cold water pressure cleaner will do.

Gas or electric?

Electric motors require much less maintenance and are fairly quiet. There is no need for exhaust, so they can be used indoors or in poorly ventilated areas. A typical electric pressure washer is only effective for light duty because it can’t generate much pounds per square inch (PSI) or gallons per minute (GPM).

On the other hand, gas engines generate much more power than most non-commercial pressure washers, and are a lot more mobile because they don’t need an electric power source; hence the practicality of a trailer mounted pressure washer in Los Angeles. Gas engines, however, do take a little more maintenance and cost more to operate. They must be used in well ventilated areas because of carbon-monoxide fumes.

Still have questions about which is the right pressure washer for you? A company like Total Clean Equipment that rents out and sells industrial cleaning equipment can answer all your questions and recommend what’s best for your needs.

(Source: The Essential Information You Need About Pressure Washers, worldsweeper.com)

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