Industrial and Parking Lot Sweepers: Cleaning Solutions for Businesses

Madvac LS175 Parking Lot Sweeper

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Most people think that the function of street sweepers is confined to what their name suggests: sweeping streets. While sweepers are commonly outfitted with brushes, there are models that clean by air systems and there are those that have additional cleaning tools in their arsenals. These equip them to do more, especially for commercial and industrial businesses.

Commercial Parking Lot Sweepers

Don’t let the name fool you. Commercial parking lot sweepers work just as well in smaller, indoor areas like elvators as they do in large, open spaces. They are smaller than the bulky models often used for cleaning highways and major roads, so using them inside an office building doesn’t pose logistical problems.

In addition to sweeping, these tools are capable of scrubbing and drying in a single pass. Many commercial sweepers can even collect large pieces of debris, and also contain a dust filtration system.

Commercial sweepers are often available as gas, diesel, and battery-powered models. Rider sweepers may not be as compact as the rest, but they significantly cut down on cleaning times for parking lots, warehouses, and showroom floors, among other locations.

Industrial Sweepers

Industrial operations often involve the use of chemicals and other substances that are potentially harmful to people and the environment if not cleaned and disposed of properly. For this reason, street sweepers for these setups collect wastes like motor oil and other solutions, apart from the trash, dust, and dirt they normally pick up. The responsibility for these cleanups is not to be taken lightly, so business owners and property managers must ensure that they are using only the best products in their facilities.

Cleaning requirements often differ based on location. For instance, businesses in places like Phoenix, Arizona and the Southern CA region, where the climate is dry and arid, will need cleaning equipment built to deal with those conditions. Luckily, there are companies that have a wide range of cleaning solutions which perform well even in the most difficult of terrains.


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