PowerBoss Sweepmaster 1500


A significantly large footprint battery powered sweeper from the PowerBoss Sweeper product line

The Sweepmaster 1500 provides a spacious sweeping footprint and ergonomic features for operators. Its upfront and centered sweeping position, comfortable seat, and front-wheel drive enhance the luxurious task of operating the sweeper. With clean sight lines and 1-touch electric components, operators enjoy maximum visibility and versatile usage. The overthrow design maximizes the 8.82ft^3 debris hopper, ensuring full productivity and minimal downtime. The side brush speed control reduces airborne dust, and industry-leading filtration makes for dust-free sweeping. Common customers include warehousing, logistics, food and beverage manufacturers, large indoor applications, and environments favoring battery-powered equipment.


Large Footprint Battery Powered Sweeper

Quiet and Exhaust Free Performance

50”- 62” Sweep Path and Max Fill Overthrow Hopper Design

Upfront Steering and Operator Comfort Design

Total Clean. Total Solutions.

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