Janitorial Equipment: Difference Between Floor Scrubber and Buffer

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If you have decided that the time has come to make an upgrade to your janitorial equipment, you may be thinking about investing in a new floor scrubber or buffer. At first glance, these two types of machines are similar in the cleaning action they can provide and in the type of floors surfaces they can clean. However, there are a few key differences that may make one option a better one for you than another one. By learning more about the different options, you will be able to narrow your choices and make a smart decision about which type of equipment you want to buy.

Floor Scrubber

How They Clean the Floors

A floor scrubber starts cleaning floors by ejecting liquid cleanser onto the floor. A rotating head scrubs the floor, and the equipment suctions the liquid and dirty water up and off of the floor. The result is a clean, sparkling floor. With a buffer, there is also a rotating head that scrubs and polishes the floor. The machine ejects a liquid polishing agent as well, but it is not able to suck the liquid up. Because of this, the floor typically needs to be thoroughly cleaned before it is buffed with a floor buffer.

Differences in the Machines

Even among the same type of equipment, there are important variations. For example, some buffers have different types of rotating heads, and some have different sizes of heads that make some more suitable for buffing larger or smaller spaces. With floor scrubbers, there are these same differences. In addition, the vacuuming or suction action can vary in terms of how powerful it is.

Take note of the size of machine that you want as well as what you want to accomplish by using it. Some will invest in both a floor scrubber and a buffer because they actually do two different things despite their similar appearance. Keep in mind that you can also rent the equipment if you do not plan to use it regularly. For example, you may purchase a scrubber because you will use it regularly, but you may rent a buffer because you may not polish the floor as frequently.

Los Angeles and Phoenix business and home owners typically partner with janitorial equipment companies such as Total Cleaning Equipment to supply their floor cleaning needs.

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