LA and Phoenix Floor Scrubbers: School Floor Cleaning Best Practices

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When it comes to running a school, the welfare and safety of children is top priority. As such, keeping the school floors clean is a very important matter. Dirty floors can be a breeding ground for bacteria, viruses, and other causes of illness, so when the school year starts in September, it can be helpful to review your cleaning practices to ensure it’s keeping your facilities as clean as possible. Suppliers of floor scrubbers in Los Angeles and Phoenix would like to share with you four of the best practices for school floor cleaning.

floor cleaning best practicesProvide sufficient training to cleaning personnel

If your cleaning staff is still using the old mop-and-bucket, they are not cleaning your floors efficiently. On the contrary, these outdated cleaning tools are a major cause of cross-contamination and the spread of virus and bacteria to other places. Ensure that your custodians—whether direct hire or contracted, are adequately trained on the use of the right cleaning tools for school floors.

Invest in modernization

Embrace modern equipment, technology, and techniques that can improve the quality of clean and reduce the work that needs to be done. When cleaning floors in large open spaces, such as gyms, auditoriums and lengthy hallways, you need to invest in floor scrubbing equipment, such as those manufactured by Total Clean and Clarke, that can effectively remove bacteria from the floors in these areas, not to mention keep a floor clean for longer.

Mats are your first line of defense

Placing a mat on all entrances can reduce a major percentage of dirt tracked in from outside. Ideally, you should have a mat at least 10 feet long in the direction of the traffic entering the building, but if constrained by space, you can always work with what you have.

Make safety a top priority

Safety must be a key aspect of the school culture. More than a potential source of illness, wet and dirty floors can be a cause of injury in students and faculty. A few measures that can improve safety include drying the floor as it’s washed, using detergent-free solutions, and using machines with ample water recovery capabilities.

If in need of new or used floor scrubbers in Phoenix or Los Angeles, suppliers such as Total Clean Equip can provide you with all your needs.


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