Los Angeles Floor Scrubber Rental: Tips to Enhance Work Efficiency

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Learning how to clean the floors on your commercial establishment is critical in maintaining and protecting your investment. Cleaning a large floor space does entail a lot of work, but with the right tools and equipment, the task can be simplified and done faster. This is when a commercial floor scrubber can be the right choice for your cleaning needs.

floor scrubber rentalChoosing between a ride-on and walk-behind scrubber

Walk-behind scrubbers are recommended for floors of moderate size, such as lengthy hallways or gyms. Meanwhile, ride-on scrubbers are meant for larger floor surfaces such as the ones typically found in warehouses. To decide which type of scrubber is right for you, consider the size of your floors, the labor cost involved, and your budget.

A Los Angeles floor scrubber rental company like Total Clean Equipment can supply you with ride-on or walk-behind scrubbers you need to clean your floors. Such scrubbers are self-propelled, so all an operator needs to do when using one is to guide its path. Different scrub widths make these tools versatile enough to suit a variety of floor cleaning tasks.

How to use a floor scrubber more efficiently

Before you use a floor scrubber, it can help if you can remove excess debris and dirt from the floor. By doing so, you can save time on the job and protect your scrubber from wearing too fast. Additionally, this also reduces spreading the dirt around the floor or scratching and causing irreparable damage to the floor surface.

To begin cleaning with the floor scrubber, be sure to fill the equipment’s intake tank with cleaning agent and water according to the manufacturer’s specifications. For efficient cleaning, start in the corner furthest away from the door then work your way to the door. This ensures that you will go over the floor once and avoid cleaning portions of the floor a second time.

When you turn the floor scrubber on, be sure to go slowly and move in straight, parallel rows, while overlapping each pass slightly to avoid missed spots. Pay close attention to the recovery tank and empty it when it becomes full before proceeding with the work.

In need of a floor scrubber?

In Los Angeles, floor scrubbers service providers such as Total Clean Equipment are able to meet the different floor scrubbing equipment needs of different types of clientele.


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