Los Angeles Janitorial Equipment Provider Offers NiteHawk Raptor

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Total Clean Equipment, a leading provider of janitorial equipment in Los Angeles, is offering a new product called the NiteHawk Raptor. The NiteHawk Raptor is a parking lot sweeper Los Angeles municipalities and businesses need to clean most efficiently. It is a single-engine parking lot sweeper with a revolutionary hydraulic power system.

The NiteHawk Raptor features a VCF system, which is powered by a steel-cased and pressure-compensated piston pump. The pump is strategically placed on top of the engine for better accessibility and protection. The sweeper also has a steel fan, connected directly to the hydraulic motor, to cut down side load. In turn, its 4-cubic-yard hopper reduces dumping frequency. Its screen is also built with debris restriction capabilities.

The NiteHawk Raptor is designed to increase the performance and productivity of a typical parking lot sweeper. At full stroke, the hydraulic-powered pump displaces 20 GMP @ 3000 psi, making it perfect for tough sweeping jobs. Simple toggle switches also make it adaptable to lighter tasks. Because the Raptor uses hydraulic energy and does not require an auxiliary engine, it reduces carbon emissions and offers increased fuel efficiency.

This model is just one of the powerful and energy-efficient parking lot sweepers that Total Clean Equipment offers. Aside from the Raptor, we also sell NiteHawk Osprey and Elgin Crosswind units.

Carrying multiple lines of supplies and machinery for various cleaning needs, we also provide floor scrubbers, pressure washers, detergents, and industrial vacuums. We also rent and lease used equipment. On top of these services, we provide service manuals and technical assistance to customers.

To learn more about purchasing a parking lot sweeper in Los Angeles, or any other cleaning equipment, contact us today!

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