Mastering Clean Floors For Your Facility: A Comprehensive Guide to Choosing The Ideal Rental Floor Scrubber

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When it comes to maintaining a spotless facility, sometimes a rental floor scrubber is the right choice. Total Clean Equipment is ready to support you with over four decades of experience and a commitment to innovation and efficiency. We want to help with every need, from pressure washing to maintenance vehicles and beyond. We’re future minded but we also understand that we need a clean path to walk there- which means keeping floors and pathways clean as we move toward the future. In that spirit, we’ve created a guide for those attempting to determine the best rental floor scrubber for their facility and needs. From the advantages of floor scrubbers over traditional cleaning methods to the array of options available, we at Total Clean are here to educate and support all our customers as a trusted partner in maintenance and facility cleanliness.

Decoding Your Floor Scrubber Rental Needs

Maintaining a clean environment is paramount for health and safety, but not all cleaning methods or tools are created equal. When it’s time to invest in more intense cleaning equipment, industrial walk behind or ride on floor scrubbers emerge as the champions for facility management, definitely out performing traditional mop-and-bucket techniques. The main reasons facility managers opt for floor scrubbers are safety, time & cost-effectiveness, and green cleaning.

Safety First: Traditional cleaning methods pose slip hazards, resulting in numerous workplace injuries annually. This problem disappears with industrial floor scrubbers. Industrial floor scrubbers guarantee a clean, dry floor, while eliminating the risk of accidents. Their water-saving design also ensures fresh water usage, preventing the spread of contaminants and reducing the chance of pedestrian slips.

Effective Efficiency: Manual cleaning is labor-intensive, with floor scrubbers surpassing traditional methods in efficiency. A worker with a walk-behind floor scrubber can clean over 13,000 square feet in an hour, making them up to 20 times more efficient than mops. The significant reduction in time and labor costs makes floor scrubbers an efficient investment for any facility.

Green Cleaning: Mops, while great for spot cleaning and smaller problems, can often waste water in larger spaces. Industrial floor scrubbers have been designed to utilize minimal water, contributing to green cleaning practices. Some environments require no chemicals at all, relying on water and scrubber pads for effective cleaning. The ability to control cleaning pressure and dilution levels further enhances the eco-friendly aspects of floor scrubbers.

Choosing the Right Rental Floor Scrubber

Knowing your cleaning needs is crucial when selecting the right floor scrubber. Consider factors such as the type of debris, cleaning area size, maneuverability in narrow spaces, available power sources, noise tolerance, consumable parts, tank size, and pressure/dilution adjustments. Understanding these aspects will guide you in choosing between walk-behind, ride-on, or autonomous floor scrubbers. Here, we’ll lay out the benefits of different types of scrubbers to best inform your device choice:

Walk-Behind Floor Scrubbers: Ideal for tight spaces, narrow aisles, and interiors, these motorized scrubbers are controlled by operators walking behind them. They are compact, easy to transport, and fit standard elevators.

Ride-On Floor Scrubbers: Designed for large open areas, these scrubbers allow operators to drive while seated. Their efficiency is unmatched for cleaning expansive spaces quickly, making them a go-to choice for warehouses and garages.

Automated Floor Scrubbers: For the future forward company, autonomous floor scrubbers are an excellent option. These devices operate independently, following pre-programmed paths. With obstacle-sensing technology, they navigate around obstructions, allowing operators to focus on other tasks and saving manual labor.

Disc Scrubbers vs. Cylindrical Brush Scrubbers: Disc scrubbers use rotating flat pads for effective cleaning, while cylindrical brush scrubbers employ tube-shaped brushes that sweep and scrub simultaneously. Consider your specific needs in terms of floor material and space usage when choosing between these two configurations, as terrain is the main consideration here.

Your Pristine Path to Cleanliness Starts with Total Clean Equipment

When the decision to rent a floor scrubber arises, Total Clean Equipment emerges as the unrivaled choice. With countless sweepers and rental floor scrubbers available, Total Clean offers flexibility in rental periods—whether for a day, a week, a month, or long-term. These machines, always the latest models, undergo thorough maintenance after each rental, ensuring optimal performance when you need it.

Total Clean’s commitment extends beyond machine availability. Regardless of your experience level with floor cleaning equipment, our machines are easy to operate and set the standard in performance. We provide thorough operator training and the Total Clean team is just a phone call away for any queries that may arise. We’re here for your operational and device questions and concerns at every step of the process. Whether you’re navigating the complexities of choosing the right floor scrubber or deciding to opt for a rental, Total Clean’s commitment to innovation, superior service, and environmental responsibility makes us the go-to choice.

Embark on your journey to safe, clean warehouse floors by contacting Total Clean today via our web form or giving us a call at (909) 598-2706. Let us be your trusted partner in achieving unparalleled cleanliness and operational efficiency.

Total Clean. Total Solutions.

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