Do Mother Nature a Favor by Choosing Eco-Friendly Janitorial Equipment

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eco friendly janitorial equipmentIn almost all cases, cleaning up is a good thing. If you’re a facility manager, you know that cleaning up spills or disposing of garbage properly not only enhances the looks of a building, it also prevents the occurrence of accidents or the spread of infection.

However, in some instances, cleaning can actually do more harm than good.

Water Usage

Cleaning and water usage are practically inseparable. However, the same water that you use to scrub floors is water that can be used elsewhere. Unfortunately, many facilities are not aware of how much water they use in their maintenance activities. They inadvertently contribute to the country’s water supply problems by not monitoring their usage.

When choosing janitorial equipment in Los Angeles, make sure to check how much water they consume as well.

Harsh Cleaning Products

Getting grime out of a floor is no easy task, but thankfully you have cleaning chemicals that wipe floor stains in a jiffy. That being said, expediency does come with a price—cleaning solutions often contain chemicals that harm the environment. Once you dump the used water from your floor scrubber, you may also let loose a myriad of harsh chemicals on Mother Earth.

Electricity Usage

When you have countless square meters of flooring to clean, a floor scrubbing machine is advantageous and time saving. Of course, such equipment runs on electricity, and if the scrubber you’re using is a power sucker, you won’t be doing the environment any favors.

An Eco-Friendly Alternative

Given these factors, many facility managers find themselves in a bind. Obviously, one can’t forgo proper facility maintenance; it’s crucial to the safety and longevity of any building. On the other hand, no one can deny that maintenance activities have an effect on the environment.

Fortunately, caring for your facility and caring for the environment don’t have to be mutually exclusive. Equipment such as the Total Clean Advance Condor feature, the EcoFlex™ System, is designed to lessen environmental impacts from cleaning. With the touch of a button, an operator can easily switch between chemical-free, water-only, cleaning mode and varying amounts of detergent use.

With the help of such equipment, you can practice a more environmentally conscientious method of cleaning your facility. If you’re interested in procuring an earth-friendly floor scrubber in San Diego, be sure to contact trusted suppliers who offer such equipment.


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