The Electric Mini Sweeper Everyone Wants

LS125 is the ONLY 48’’ wide, closed-cabin, high-dump electric mini sweeper built in North America. With the most reliable and proven lithium battery pack on the market, LS125 offers outstanding performance capability and superior operator comfort.

For sidewalks, alleys, bike lanes, parking lots and more, this machine will do it all – including your parking decks and other indoor applications too. Discover the LS125 – the ideal zero-emission vacuum sweeper for your needs


Battery pack from CA-based Zero Motorcycles

Reduce GHG by 40 tons annually

Lower dB than LS175 diesel

Only 48 in. (1.2 m) wide | 78 in. (1.9 m) tall

No CDL required

Total Clean. Total Solutions.

Interested in seeing the Madvac LS175 parking lot sweeper in action? Contact us to schedule your free demo today.

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