Parking Lot Sweepers in Phoenix: A Vital Tool for Maintenance

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Parking lot maintenance often falls to the bottom of a facility manager’s to-do list, but the condition of your lots is actually vitally important for business. Clean parking lots not only make a positive impression for your business, they also keep your employees and customers safe.

The parking lot is the first thing visitors see, and first impressions last. Treat your parking lot like a welcome mat and keep it clean and well-maintained. Our experts in parking lot sweepers in Phoenix offer these tips to not only prolong the parking lot’s life, but also to improve your building’s curb appeal.


Use Parking Lot Sweepers in Phoenix Regularly

Sweeping your lot clean of debris and obstruction not only makes the area more attractive, it also makes it safer for the cars and pedestrians using it. Plus, it can help keep your overall building maintenance costs down. Rocks and leaves can hamper drainage, leading to frequent occurrences of standing water on the surface of the concrete or asphalt. This can soften surface and cause its break down potentially leading to cracks and potholes over time.

Evaluate often

Evaluating your parking lot on a consistent basis becomes easier when you sweep it regularly, as it allows you to monitor the area for potential problems. Little cracks and holes are all threats to your parking lot’s integrity and health, so finding them early as they begin to appear and addressing them immediately is the best way to lower repair costs.

Get rid of water

Clearing pooling water and maintaining proper drainage is another way to prolong your parking lot’s lifespan. Moisture can hide hazards, and make the area look dirtier than it is. Likewise, stagnant water can wear down the pavement’s stability. If you encounter pooling water or blocked drainage, tackle the problem immediately.

The Best Parking Lot Sweepers for Sale in Phoenix

We are proud to carry street sweepers made by NiteHawk. The company is known for designing and manufacturing the highest quality street sweepers for sale available today. The NiteHawk Raptor II is a revolutionary machine that features an innovative hydraulic power system that delivers increased productivity and performance without sacrificing fuel efficiency. The street sweeper’s extraordinary hydraulic system has altered the way contractors think about the power capabilities of single-engine sweepers.

We also carry the NiteHawk Osprey II, a parking lot sweeper that takes hydraulic operations to the next level. This compact machine relies on the VFC hydraulic system to boost efficiency and performance more than ever before. A step above all other conventional street sweepers for sale, the Osprey also features an 86″ sweeping path, driver-side curb blower, no-clog screen, powder-coated exterior and other innovative features that make it a favorite of contractors across the globe. To learn more about these and other street sweepers and schedule your FREE demo, contact us today!

Total Clean. Total Solutions.

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