Parking Lot Sweepers: Top Distributors Ensure Quality and Satisfaction

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Both Phoenix and Los Angeles are huge tourist magnets that attract a diverse crowd of travelers. If you own a business in either the heart of LA or in downtown Phoenix, you can work on enticing these travelers to patronize your business and to refer all of their friends who plan to visit in the future. All of this foot traffic can lead to quite a mess in your commercial parking lot, though.

Parking Lot Sweepers Top Distributors Ensure Quality and Satisfaction

If your commercial lot is sizable, the idea of having your employees sweep it manually with a push broom every single day is a waste of human capital. For businesses in Los Angeles, Phoenix, or other high-volume locations, it is best to invest in either a rented or used parking lot sweeper.

Before you start shopping for your sweepers, it is critical to make the best choice. Here are different qualities to consider so you can get the most out of your purchase.

Does the company have a large inventory with several quality options?

Not all sweeper manufacturers or models are created equal. Given that not every client needs an 86″ sweeping path or a curb blower addition, it is important that you choose a distributor with a large inventory of diverse options that are suited for mid-sized businesses with budget restrictions or larger companies that are not concerned with sticker prices. Be sure to find out who the distributor represents and look into the reputation of each manufacturer. If there are trusted names on the list, you can be assured of the highest-quality products.

Does service end once a sale is made?

There is nothing worse than a company offering exceptional service up until the transaction is complete and then watching the same company drop the ball weeks later. When you are spending a great deal of money on a cleaning application, you’ll want to work with a distributor who offers service calls to keep the machine at its peak performance. Planned maintenance options, access to repair technicians, and over-the-phone technical support are all services to look for.

Leading distributors of parking lot sweepers such as Total Clean Equipment are not just businesses that sell products manufactured by another company. These distributors are also experts in their industry, providing ample advice and support. Be sure to do your homework when you are examining your prospects; doing so would ensure significant savings and far less frustration in the long run.


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