PowerBoss Scrubmaster B260 R Best Ride-on Floor Scrubber

PowerBoss Scrubmaster B260 R

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The PowerBoss Scrubmaster B260 R best ride-on floor scrubber that delivers exceptional value, innovative features, versatile application options and high area coverage in a reliable, comfortable package.

Discover everything the Scrubmaster B260 R has to offer by watching the video below featuring our very own Ruben Ortiz. Serving Los Angeles and Ventura Counties, Ruben enjoys selling cleaning products because he loves making a difference for customers. He enjoys helping leave the world a little better each day by helping people clean in a responsible, eco-friendly way. After 12 years in this industry, he is proud to be a part of Total Clean Equipment because of the core belief that customers should be taken care of with respect, honesty and integrity. So bring on the dirt, soil and grime; but remember it’s not clean until it’s Total Clean!

Power, Flexibility and Comfort

The Scrubmaster B260 R is perfect for cleaning large spaces more efficiently, with an area performance of up to 8.600 m2, large 68-gallon tank and 480 Ah battery. Four different brush units and powerful attachments deliver the utmost flexibility, and it’s comfortable design earned the Scrubmaster B260 R an AGR quality label for back-friendly working.

The benefits of this floor scrubber don’t end there — the Scrubmaster B260 R is also safer thanks to a BlueSpot work lamp and optional overhead guard. The DustStop disc brush jacket provides dust-free sweeping, and other clever details enhance efficiency and make this scrubber one of the most practical on the market today.

Standard features include speed dosing water flow, non-marking high traction tires, upfront eyes forward operator design, onboard USB charger and a vivid color LCD operators control panel. Simplicity features for easy operation include one-touch all-functions scrubbing button, automatic brush changing, onboard spray hose and simple yellow maintenance touch-points . The Scrubmaster B260 R floor scrubber operates emission-free with standard 36 volt, 395AH marine grade batteries with optional 390AH AGM available.

Best Ride-on Floor Scrubber – Powerful Cleaning for Large Spaces

With its working widths of 42” and 48”, the Scrubmaster is the ideal cleaning machine for shopping centers, production facilities, logistics halls and more. Equipped with either 2 or 3 disc brushes or a cylindrical brush and 68 gallon tank, this floor scrubber delivers long operating times, superior cleaning performance and high levels of efficiency.

Interested in seeing this versatile, easy-to-operate floor scrubber in action? Contact Total Clean today to schedule your free demo!

Total Clean. Total Solutions.

Interested in seeing our equipment in action? Contact us to schedule your free demo today.

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