Renting or Buying Floor Scrubbers in Los Angeles Depends on Use

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Deciding to buy or rent floor scrubbers in Los Angeles is not just a matter of preference, but also how often the machines will be used. Practical wisdom dictates that if you own a large commercial or factory floor area that needs to be cleaned regularly, you’re better off owning your own floor scrubber, but when is renting the best option?

How to choose the right one
When selecting the ideal floor scrubber, owners must first consider the machine’s size, input, and intended floor application, then calculate the cost per day. Naturally, a large floor area that requires more than weekly cleaning will definitely make the floor scrubber pay for itself. This expensive piece of equipment needs to be operated frequently to be cost effective.

Types of scrubbers
Commercial floor scrubbers are available as walk-behind versions or riding types. Walk-behind models are pushed forward by an operator, while large scrubber models are meant for large flooring jobs and require the operator to drive it like a vehicle. It goes without saying that the riding types command a higher price due to its large-scale capabilities.

Some commercial floor scrubbers are more powerful than others and can damage a fragile floor such as antique hardwood. Businesses with fragile flooring should utilize smaller and less powerful machines. Manufacturing or warehouse environments have industrial-grade concrete flooring that can handle even the most powerful scrubbing.

When to lease one
For smaller businesses, the scrubber will only be used for a specific time and returned afterwards to leasing parties like Total Clean Equipment, much like a rental car. This practice allows the small business to keep its floors clean without investing their much-needed capital in an expensive scrubber.

Another advantage of leasing is that renters can avail of the latest floor scrubber in San Diego without having to maintain it. They simply select the newer model they wish to rent and get top-notch performance without the investment.

Once the business grows and their premises expand, they could take the next step and purchase one for themselves.

(Article excerpt and image from “How Do I Choose the Best Commercial Floor”)

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