Street Sweepers in Phoenix Increase Safety and Health

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Whether you live in a quiet village or a sprawling metropolis, you want your city to look its best. A clean attractive city means visitors will want to explore it and residents will be proud to call it home. If you’re debating using a street sweeper in Phoenix, consider these four benefits:

1. Street Sweepers Improve Safety

It’s orange barrel season in many parts of the country, which means drivers are navigating roads laden with debris, like excess gravel left by paving equipment. If you’ve ever been startled by a rock chipping or cracking your windshield, you know how dangerous debris can be.

Vehicles are threatened by debris in roadways, and pedestrians are at risk on sidewalks. Even small debris, like a shard of glass, can pose a risk in a city like Phoenix where people frequently walk around in sandals and flip flops.

Rubbish creates another safety hazard that can easily be reduced by using a street sweeper. When food-related waste sits in your streets, it can quickly grow bacteria, mold and harbor diseases that can spread with just minimal contact. Using a street sweeper to clean up this waste is a preventative measure that keeps communities safer.

2. Street Sweepers Protect Wildlife and the Environment

Street sweepers like the Madvac LS175 can tackle any type of debris in their path, including those that may harm the environment.

Street sweepers collect debris like petroleum products, green waste, rubbish, metals and sediment. Green waste, like leaves and grass clippings, can cause fast growth of algae, affecting the water we drink. Debris and micro plastics can also do harm to our drinking water, and chemicals and other waste can have a detrimental effect on local wildlife. Using a street sweeper is the best way to avoid these issues and keep our environment and wildlife safe.

3. Street Sweepers Reduce Pests

While protecting wildlife is important to us, we also don’t want to encourage pests from thriving in our cities. Decomposing garbage attracts flies, mice, pigeons and rats — all unwelcome visitors that can carry diseases. Removing debris from the streets discourages rodents and pests from roaming them.

4. Street Sweepers Beautify Cities

Seeing trash and smelling it are two of the biggest turn-offs for visitors and residents in any city. Street sweepers help you cultivate a pristine image that shows you care. Homeowners will be happy you help maintain their curb appeal, and visitors will want to make a return trip if your city streets and sidewalks are regularly swept and maintained.

We highly recommend the new Madvac LS175 for reaping these benefits. Specifically designed to meet the challenges of any urban environment, the LS175 can sweep litter effortlessly on narrow, hard to reach areas, like sidewalks, pedestrian and bike lanes, alleys, curb sides, parking lots, public markets and more. To see it for yourself and learn more about the benefits of street sweeping in your area, contact us today to schedule your FREE demo!

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