Supplement Your Floor Scrubber with This Cleaning Equipment

Whether you manage a warehouse, manufacturing plant, industrial space or commercial office, maintains your floors can be a challenge. Lightening the load on your cleaning staff means investing in cleaning equipment (or pursuing floor scrubber rental in Los Angeles or floor scrubber rental in Phoenix). To get (and keep!) your floors looking their best, you will also need to rely on other equipment. Here are the key pieces we recommend:

Vacuum Cleaners

Vacuum cleaners are a staple in any establishment, from the retail sector to the manufacturing industry. These popular machines rely on air pumps to suck up dirt, debris and dust from your floors. Available in a wide variety of models, shapes and sizes, there is a vacuum cleaner for every need and price point. If you are looking for more power than an average household vacuum cleaner can supply, ask our staff for recommendations on industrial models. These can often pull both liquid and solid debris from your floors, making them versatile and convenient.

Rider Sweepers

If you are tasked with cleaning a large area of flooring, use the vacuum cleaner for small clean-ups and rely on a rider sweeper to get the bigger work done. Hopping on board a rider sweeper will ultimately save you labor, time and energy while getting your work space clean. These models are also (somewhat surprisingly!) less noisy than vacuum cleaners, making them great options for hospitals and other places where making a disturbance is problematic.

Floor Burnishers

If you have marble, tile or hardwood floors in your work space, you’ll need a burnisher eventually. These machines make hard floors shine, leaving them with a glossy appearance without the need for applying wax or other chemicals. The result is achieved thanks to high-speed rotary pads that can reach up to 1500 rotations per minute, leaving your floor gleaming. Ask us for our favorite battery-powered, propane and electric recommendations!

Floor Scrubbers Service in Los Angeles and Other Equipment Repairs

This equipment is ideal for supplementing your floor scrubber. Remember that if you ever need floor scrubbers service in Los Angeles or parts for any of your floor cleaning equipment, we’ve got you covered!

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