The Technology Behind Modern Floor Scrubbers and How They Operate

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Most organizations that use floor scrubbers for their business cleaning needs around Los Angeles look forward to a quicker, more thorough and more efficient cleaning. However, many people don’t understand the technology behind floor scrubbers or how they work.

What Are the Mechanics of a Floor Scrubber?

There are two aspects of a floor scrubber that collaborate to produce an efficient clean. Firstly, depending on the exact machine you use, there will be a combination of brushes, sponges, vacuums and squeegees attached to the bottom of the scrubber. They move mechanically against the floor when operated by an individual. Secondly, little jets inside the machine pressure-dispense a water-based or chemical solution, also housed inside the machine, to remove bacteria. This machinery can only be used by a trained staff member for safety reasons.

How Does a Floor Scrubber Work?

When the machine is operating, the brushes at the front of the scrubber will move in a spinning or back-and-forth motion to dislodge any dirt and bacteria from the floor. At the same time, a stream of hot water or cleaning solution is pushed from a tank into the floor by jet devices.

As the machine moves forward, the dirty water is retrieved by either its squeegee or built-in vacuum and deposited into a dedicated tank, which will carry the waste and bacteria until it is emptied.

The most efficient machines will retrieve so much expelled water that the floor surface is dry enough to walk on almost immediately after use, meaning no time is needed for drying and that other staff members can continue any required work in the same area. When there is no more clean water, or the waste tank is full, the floor scrubber will automatically shut down to prevent damages or overflow.

Some machines may also integrate floor sweepers, bumpers, steam functions, antibacterial tanks and polishers to serve a more multifunctional role for businesses and their staffs.

This mechanical system is easy to maintain when needed. However, if you’re still unsure about investing in a scrubber, look into used floor scrubbers around Los Angeles instead. You will still get a reliable machine suitable for industrial cleaning, but at a more affordable price than a brand new scrubber.

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