The Advance EcoFlex System: Where Green Meets Clean

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When we talk about green cleaning, one goal is emphasized above all others: to minimize impact on the environment, building occupants and cleaning personnel. But what happens when we ignore the “cleaning” part of green cleaning, resulting in a less healthy environment?

One result of the green cleaning movement has been a move away from potentially harmful chemicals when scrubbing hard floors. Intuitively, it feels natural that the “greenest” cleaning includes no chemicals at all, but maintenance teams still need to meet their facilities’ standard of clean. What’s the solution?

EcoFlex: Where Green Meets Clean

Advance’s EcoFlex System is one answer — going beyond the standards for green cleaning by offering both efficiency and sustainability while still meeting the most stringent standards for clean floors. EcoFlex is where green meets clean, and it’s the smartest choice for facility managers in any industry.

With the touch of a button, the EcoFlex System allows operators to switch between water-only, chemical-free cleaning and varying degrees of flow rates, down pressure and detergent use. This ability cuts water usage by up to 70% compared to conventional scrubbing while giving operators freedom to use a “burst of power” at the touch of button. This burst can increase detergent, flow rate and pressure at once for tackling the toughest surfaces and soils.

EcoFlex Floor Scrubbers in Los Angeles

We love EcoFlex floor scrubbers in Los Angeles because the make cleaning hassle-free while creating a healthier indoor environment for custodians and building occupants. Different floor types, facilities and areas need different cleaning strategies, but EcoFlex makes it easy to choose the right blend of detergent, water and scrub pressure for any challenge. Every component is at your fingertips, allowing you to adjust quickly and effortlessly to reach the highest sanitary standards.

This flexibility means you get the most out of your resources, including time, water and detergent. This saves you labor and costs while reducing your environmental footprint. This is truly where green meets clean.

To learn more about our EcoFlex floor scrubbers for sale in Los Angeles or to schedule your FREE demo, contact Total Clean today!

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