Three Benefits of Using Green Cleaners with Commercial Floor Scrubbers

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No matter what the size of your business, you need to have clean flooring for safety and aesthetic reasons. Once you have purchased high-quality floor scrubbers in Los Angeles for your company, you will then need to figure out what types of cleaning solutions to use in the scrubbers. The safest and most cost-effective choice for your business is to use environmentally friendly, or “green” cleaners. These kinds of cleaners use natural ingredients that are less harsh on your flooring, gentler on your floor scrubbers and safer for the scrubber’s operator and everyone who works or visits your business.


Saves Time

Your janitorial staff and your fiscal managers will appreciate the time savings of using green cleaners inside of your used floor scrubbers. Green cleaners in Los Angeles do not require your employees to take as many safety precautions as harsh cleaning agents do. Since environmentally cleaning solutions do not emit harsh fumes, the cleaning can be done during routine business hours, which can also reduce your need to pay third shift premiums or overtime fees for your cleaning staff.

Lower Costs

Environmentally friendly cleaners from reputable suppliers like Total Clean Equipment use natural ingredients that are less expensive than cleaners with a lot of man-made chemicals and toxic ingredients. Green cleaners use natural ingredients such as vinegar, soap, ammonia and essential oils like lemon or peppermint. You do not need to store environmentally friendly cleaners under lock and key, which means lower overhead costs for storage and safety. Natural ingredients do not lose their effectiveness over time, which means you can purchase the cleaning solutions in bulk and they will not need to be thrown out.

Minimizes Your Environmental Impact

Many Los Angeles businesses are seeking LEED Certification or other green building awards. Even if your business is not, you can still minimize your company’s environmental impact by using cleaners that do not cause harm to the environment. Green cleaners are less harmful if they get washed into waterways. Their fumes are less harmful to people working in the building while they are being used. Green cleaners do not require the use of petroleum products and usually utilize packaging and containers that can be recycled.


Natural Floor Cleaning: Easy Greening, Care2

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