Tips on Saving Money When Looking for a Floor Scrubber in San Diego

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When managing a large business facility, you need an army of brooms and mops to clean it. A mall, warehouse, or sports arena exceeds the capacities of such manual equipment. A floor scrubber offers an easier and more modern solution for San Diego area facilities.

saving money floor scrubber A floor scrubber is essentially an automated mopping machine, a safe and efficient means for cleaning vast surface areas while minimizing labor. Traditional mopping requires a lot of water and, in most cases, only spreads the dirt around instead of removing it. It also leaves the floor wet for a while, posing a hazard or, at the very least, an inconvenience to completing other tasks.

Floor scrubbers are fitted with a sprayer and water reservoir containing cleaning solvent to dislodge grease and grime. It not only scrubs the floor but leaves a healthy shine. A vacuum mechanism inside floor scrubbers sucks up all the residual water, rendering the floor fully dry and ready for foot traffic.

There are two main varieties of floor scrubbers: walk-behind and ride-on machines. Each presents its own advantages and disadvantages, but one thing is clear: You must choose a reliable floor scrubber and a reputable janitorial equipment supplier in the Los Angeles area, such as Total Clean Equipment in San Diego. Regardless of the floor scrubber you choose, you can procure one without breaking the bank.


Floor scrubber rental is a great alternative if you are not ready to purchase one. A good rental company should be able to provide high-quality equipment at a moment’s notice and provide training for all operators.

Buy Used

If you’re trying to save money, shop for used equipment. This way, you’re able to personally own the equipment and use it whenever you wish without delay. When choosing a pre-owned product, you must make sure it is still in good condition and well maintained, not matter the price.

Buy New

At first glance, buying a new floor scrubber may not seem like you’re saving money at all. When looking for a long-term solution, however, this may just be the right investment to make. Before choosing a model, ask for a product demonstration from the company so that you know firsthand the benefits and drawbacks of the product. You must also consider the after-sale service provided by the company, including whether it provides the support necessary for troubleshooting and maintenance.


The Essential Tips for Buying Used Stuff,
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