Total Clean Equipment: Why We Exist as a Company, What We’re All About

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Cleaning the surfaces of an office or any other commercial building has multiple benefits. The most obvious ones would be the aesthetic value of clean floors. Beyond that, well-tended floors can influence the worth of the property, since it can preserve or improve its value and help you maximize its lifespan.

You also avoid the safety and health hazards when dirt, oil, and grime accumulate on these surfaces. The filth can make it easy for employees and customers or clients to slip or trip and get injured. A dusty floor can also harbor microbes that can be circulated through your ventilation system and wreak havoc to your staff’s health, especially if some of them have asthma, allergies, or generally weak immunities.

To take advantage of these benefits, the building owner or manager must ensure that the janitorial staff is well-equipped and trained to properly maintain the building’s surfaces. The proper machines and cleaning supplies must be used for each type of surface. Floor cleaning should be regularly scheduled and done professionally each time, too, which can only be possible if the cleaning machines and supplies are always complete and in good condition.

These are the precise reasons why Total Clean Equipment exists. Primarily based in La Verne, California, we provide a comprehensive line of commercial cleaning equipment, including pressure washers, industrial floor scrubbers, and parking lot sweepers. We also offer original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts and servicing for top-rated brands in the industry (which are also part of our inventory), such as Nilfisk-Advance, Hydro Tek, Clarke, Nite Hawk, and Viper.

A subsidiary of Haaker Equipment Company, Total Clean Equipment was established in 2004 under the guidance of Matthew Woods. Matthew has been in the industrial cleaning industry for over 15 years, and he has been an asset to Team Haaker as an employee before he became one of its partners.

Matthew worked with other cleaning industry veterans and pros to build this company, and within our first two years, we’ve become a dominant player in the industry, even topping the industrial dealers for North America within the Nilfisk-Advance dealer group. We believe that our innovative products and our superior service are the driving forces of our success.

Total Clean Equipment exists to provide complete solutions to your commercial cleaning needs, from equipment you can buy to rentals, parts, and servicing. Contact us at [email protected] or 1-909-598-2706 for further inquiries.

Total Clean. Total Solutions.

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