Used Floor Scrubbers Increase Professionalism in Your Office

increase professionalismMaintaining a business isn’t just about being able to run smooth operations, but also about having good housekeeping for a professional image. You can’t welcome guests and potential clients into your workplace if the floors and surfaces are dusty. It just makes for a very poor reflection of how well you run your office.

It may not seem much, but actually, having the right office cleaning tools and equipment can go a long way in promoting your company’s image. Not only that, but it definitely helps maintain workplace safety.

When looking to stock up on office supplies and equipment for your Los Angeles company, don’t forget about floor scrubbers too. Here are some things to consider for your investment.

Size of Office Space

The capacity of the floor scrubber you’ll be getting should depend on how big the area to be cleaned is. There are various types of scrubbers, ranging from walk-behinds or ride-ons. Consider the size of the hallways and door widths to ensure easy navigation.

Also, if the area to be cleaned is relatively average in size, you most likely won’t need those huge equipment when a regular sized scrubber can do the job just as well.

Type of Flooring

There are different types of scrubbers for different types of flooring. Check which goes well best with what. Using too strong a brush for floors can damage the material and ruin its appearance. There are scrubbers that have softer bristles so as to not affect the tiles surface, while others have sponges instead. For harder surfaces, like garage parking lot floors, there are those with heavy duty brushes with bristles that can take away heavy stains like oil grease.

It’s important for you to know the needs of your office space, otherwise you might end up getting the wrong kind of floor scrubber, and you won’t be able to use it.


Admittedly, big office equipment like scrubbers can be pricey. However, know that there are alternative options, such as used floor scrubbers. As long as you check for its quality and durability, it should work just as efficiently a brand new one.

Suppliers like Total Clean Equipment provide options for these kinds of cleaning supplies and equipments. Determine your need for a floor scrubber and work at keeping your company’s professional image.


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