Madvac LS175 Vacuum Sweeper


Madvac LS175 Vacuum Sweeper

For All Your Outdoor Sweeping Needs

The new Madvac® LS175 is specifically designed to address today’s urban cleaning challenges. Sweep litter on narrow, hard to reach areas that have various obstacles and different surface types.

Areas: Sidewalks, bike and pedestrian lanes, parking lots, curb side, alleys, public markets, alongside buildings, pathways etc.

Obstacles: Bus shelters, lamp posts, benches, fire hydrants etc.

Paving types: Asphalt, concrete, cobblestone, brick

Manufacturer Madvac
Model LS175 Vacuum Sweeper
Year 2019
Hours 116 hours
Equipment Number 69754L
Serial Number 35006
Total Clean Equipment Team

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