Pickman Classic


The Pickman Classic is small, efficient, powerful and ready to handle full sized truck duties.

The Pickman Classic features 2 seats, a versatile truck bed measuring 63″x48″, class leading payload capacity of 1400 pounds and towing capability of up to 2 tons to handle all types of jobs. Easily load and access cargo up to a full sized pallet with our triple-gate bed which folds flat from three sides. Our efficient powertrain and truck bed architecture allows for class-leading payload capacity and towing capability – similar to a full sized truck at only a fraction of the running costs.


Move, carry or tow with power & efficiency

Battery operated with up to 130 mile range

Rated Capacity 4,000 lbs towing & 1,400 lbs payload

Brake assist, backup camera, & media player

25 mph top speed

Total Clean. Total Solutions.

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