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Quality Industrial Sweepers in Southern CA

Total Clean is the leading sweeper distributor for street sweepers, parking lot sweepers, truck sweepers, road sweepers and industrial sweepers in Southern CA. We are proud to be one of the leading Nilfisk-Advance, Nite Hawk and Elgin sweeper dealers in the country that services California and Nevada by offering a vast range of sweeper sales, parts and services. We also offer used, re-manufactured and rental street sweepers throughout markets on the West Coast. If you are looking to remove debris from large areas, we have a product for you!

Advance ExterraTotal Clean Advance SW8000

The Advance SW8000 industrial sweeper is unsurpassed in indoor and outdoor power sweeping. A 50 inch main broom – the widest in this sweeper class – combined with full time dust controlled dual side brooms, creates an incredible 77 inch sweep path. On conventional industrial sweepers, dust is controlled at the main broom and, the side brooms must be raised in open areas to prevent airborne fugitive dust. The innovative DustClear™ Five Stage Dust Control System allows for full time use of the dual side brooms by controlling dust along the entire sweep path – including the side brooms with a fine “fog” that is applied to suppress the dust.

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Advance ProterraTotal Clean Advance Proterra

The Advance Proterra™ is the ideal solution for industrial sweeping applications from factories to warehouses, parking garages to foundries and many more. The unique design makes fast work of sweeping a facility with its large cleaning path, excellent maneuverability and high capacity hopper. An ergonomic operator interface and the unique Clear-View™ sight line of critical sweep areas ensures hours of safe and comfortable sweeping. The Advance Proterra comes equipped with DustGuard™, part of the DustClear™ Five-stage Dust Control System. Unlike conventional mechanical broom sweeper technology, DustGuard addresses dust at its greatest source – the side brooms – with a fine “fog” that is applied to suppress the dust. The result is a dust controlled sweep path that is 75% more productive than its nearest competitor.

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The SW4000™ Rider Sweeper provides high productivity and reliable cleaning performance to attack tough sweeping applications. Designed with a safe and efficient hydraulic high dump, the SW4000 delivers exceptional productivity. Operator intuitive front wheel steering and front wheel drive offer superior maneuverability in tight corners or narrow aisles. From warehouse and distribution centers to outdoor parking lots and lumber yards, the SW4000 ensures a professionally swept finish for diverse indoor and outdoor applications.

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Advance Terra 28BTotal Clean Advance Terra 28B

The Terra® 28B walk-behind sweeper leaves wide-area vacuums in the dust. Its 28 inch wide sweep path handles carpet with 2.5 times more productivity than a 28 inch wide-area vacuum (ISSA data). Plus, the Terra 28B’s side broom eliminates the need for edge cleaning after sweeping. Compact and easy to maneuver by even your smallest operators, the Terra 28B is rated at just 59 dB A – making it one of the quietest sweepers in the industry.

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The Advance SW900™ walk-behind sweeper for both indoor and outdoor use offers effective dust-free removal of dry debris. The large main broom combined with dual side brooms will enhance your everyday productivity and cleaning results. The SW900 is an ideal sweeper for cleaning contractors, industry and manufacturing, schools, warehouses, hotels, exhibitions, and convention centers.


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Nite-Hawk Raptor II

The ALL NEW Raptor has front to back improvements that will help bring your sweeping business to the next level. The Raptor II has more hydraulic power, advanced operator interface, and better sweeping performance across the board. A five-yard hopper increases sweeping capacity and cuts labor costs while new toolboxes are the best storage options available.

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Nite-Hawk OspreyTotal Clean Nite-Hawk Osprey

The all new NH 200 Osprey takes hydraulic operated sweeping to a powerful new level. At only 6’4″ the Osprey incorporates the patent-pending VFC hydraulic system, the same hydraulics used on the NH Raptor, allowing for performance and efficiency never before seen in a conventional sweeper truck. TheOsprey comes standard with a no-clog screen, approximate two-cubic yard hopper, 86″ sweeping path (106″ with curb broom), powder-coated exterior and driver-side curb blower.

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Madvac LS100

The LS100 is a compact sweeper designed to handle every kind of paving surface in every corner of the city— even hard-to-reach areas—for maximum flexibility and use. The LS100 does its job without disturbing residents, visitors, or business patrons.

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Elgin CrosswindTotal Clean Elgin Crosswind

Elgin’s Crosswind regenerative air sweeper gives contractors, municipalities and industries a powerful sweeper with unequaled versatility, flexibility and productivity. With a 12 ft. wide sweeping path and 8 cu yd. hopper, the Crosswind recirculating vacuum sweeper efficiently cleans large flat paved areas such as streets, parking lots, and airport runways. Contractors and public works officials alike appreciate the Crosswind because it is easy to operate and simple to maintain.

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Elgin PelicanTotal Clean Elgin Pelican

The Pelican offers legendary performance, maneuverability, economy, reliability, and serviceability with its 3-wheel broom design. The ability to be able to have a turning radius of 15 feet makes it the perfect machine for facilities and municipalities with tight spaces or congested roads. With its 10 ft. sweep path and 3.6 yd. hopper, the Pelican is a great option for any application.

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Elgin Broom BearTotal Clean Elgin Broom Bear

The Broom Bear is one of the most rugged and efficient mechanical sweepers on the market today. Whether your sweeping needs are in heavy construction debris or light street maintenance, the Broom Bear can handle it all. Its intelligent design gives you greater water (350 gallons) and hopper capacity (4.5 cu yd.), requiring you to make fewer scheduled stops. Sweeper operators will enjoy the cleaner dumping action made possible by the Broom Bear’s variable dumping height and 11 inches of hopper side-shift capability.

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For the finest quality street sweepers, parking lot sweepers, truck sweepers, road sweeper and industrial sweepers in Southern CA, turn to Total Clean Equipment. Contact us for more information about the products we offer.