PowerBoss Armadillo 9x


Durable, unmatched sweeping performance

The PowerBoss Armadillo 9x sweeper offers durable, unmatched sweeping performance and superior Kubota Tier IV – LPG, Gasoline and Diesel engine reliability. The all-steel agricultural grade frame/exterior ensures the 9x is built to withstand the most severe applications. Simple, all-hydraulic controls and no tools needed brushes/filters, make the 9x easy to operate and maintain. Unmatched cleaning performance includes a sweeping width from 48” to 80” and hopper volume capacity of 22 ft3/1,500 lbs.


Agricultural Grade Steel Construction

Kubota Tier IV – LP, Gasoline or Diesel Engine

1,500 lb. Full Rotating Hopper

Full-Service 180-degree Swing-Out Engine

Total Clean. Total Solutions.

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