When your commercial cleaning business starts to grow and accept more clients, the need to purchase additional cleaning equipment and machinery, like floor scrubbers in Phoenix, comes naturally. Unfortunately, purchasing an entire fleet of brand-new cleaning machines may not be viable for many start-up cleaning businesses. Used equipment is a godsend when your budget is tight but your business is growing.

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Purchasing used floor scrubbers is a cost-effective option that can boost your productivity without breaking your budget.

Here are a few questions you should ask when shopping for used floor scrubbers in Phoenix:

How old is the floor scrubber, and what is its history?

Just like buying a used car, you’ll want to know how old a used floor scrubber is before you purchase it. This should give you a good idea about the machine’s remaining useful service life. If possible, purchase a unit that is no more than three years old. Ask about the unit’s service history, including details of previous repair work and any parts that have been replaced.

What type of surface will you clean?

Many floor scrubbers have been designed to clean specific surfaces, so be sure to map out the types of floors you have to clean. In general, scrubbers with disk-shaped bristles are best used for wood, laminate or tile floors. Scrubbers with stiffer and more cylindrical bristles are best used for concrete and floors made of porous materials.

Should you buy walk-behind scrubbers or rider scrubbers?

For narrow spaces that require easy handling, walk-behind scrubbers are ideal. Rider scrubbers are best used for wide-open spaces that require a more powerful cleaning capacity. Test the unit so you can gauge its overall usability and avoid buyer’s remorse.

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