Advance Floor Cleaning Equipment for Contract Cleaners

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Want to impress your customers while growing your contract cleaning business? Of course you do! 

The key is delivering high-quality results every time, and our floor scrubbers and other cleaning equipment from Advance help you do just that. 

We know that building service contractors have to deal with many challenges on the job: markets are shrinking, profits are being pushed down by price pressures and employee turnover can be particularly high. The key to gaining and keeping clients is to always deliver the highest-quality cleaning results, no matter what. 

Partnering with Total Clean helps you do that. We provide the most innovative equipment that allows you to tackle the toughest cleaning challenges with confidence. 

Floor Cleaning Equipment for Specialized Markets 

Our equipment enables you to tap into the commercial cleaning industry’s fastest-growing segment: specialized cleaning services. Our inventory of industrial floor cleaning equipment for sale supports diversifying your services and allows you to reach new markets. With our equipment and expertise, you can specialize in anything from industrial kitchen deep cleaning to outdoor maintenance or 24/7 mobile cleaning and hospital decontamination. The possibilities are endless. 

Boost Productivity While Cutting Operating Costs 

The greatest enemy of healthy profit margins is high operating costs. What drives these costs up? Overuse of cleaning products, labor and inefficient equipment. 

Every machine in our inventory features the most innovative technologies that allow you to reduce chemical and water usage, clean large areas faster and eliminate inefficiencies. 

Our floor cleaning equipment from Advance includes Eco-Flex green-cleaning technology that cuts water and chemical use with the simple touch of a button, DustGuard tech that suppresses dust at the side brooms and TrackClean centralized fleet management that gives you access to vital operational data. 

Interested in learning more? Check out our floor scrubbers and floor sweepers here, and contact us today to schedule your free demo! 

Total Clean. Total Solutions.

Interested in seeing our equipment in action? Contact us to schedule your free demo today.

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