Boost Workplace Safety by Investing in Proper Janitorial Equipment

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Cleanliness in the workplace is vital to the safety and productivity of employees. In fact, did you know that workplace productivity and profit declines as chaos and clutter arise? Efficiency, productivity and morale are greatly affected by the cleanliness and hygiene in the workplace. Apart from serving as shelter for employees, offices also serve as marketing tools to potential clients and customers.

However, maintaining cleanliness in the workplace is not an easy task. Depending on the nature of your business, maintaining cleanliness may require a huge amount of manpower and resources on your end. As such, investing in quality janitorial equipment can bring your Los Angeles company numerous benefits.

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The Health Benefits of A Clean Workplace

A clean working environment ensures the health of employees. Break rooms, for instance are host to millions of germs that can cause flu or other forms of illness. Molds, which tend to accumulate in moist places can even amplify allergies or cause respiratory illnesses. These conditions negatively affect the workplace that the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, set certain protocols to prevent spread of molds – one of which is to keep all areas dry especially in the event of accidental spills. A wet and dry vacuum will help you comply with this requirement. In fact, certain models can easily clean spills as well as collect and filter dust.

The simple act of keeping the workplace clean is enough to make the employees feel that their health is being prioritized. When employees feel that they are being cared for, they are more inspired and motivated. Employees with high morale are often more productive, thus getting the work done faster and more efficiently.

The Advantage of a Safe Workplace

Slipping and tripping  is the second most common cause of injuries in the workplace. Did you know that spills and debris are the usual causes of slips and falls? If you think simply cleaning the floor is enough, think again. Certain floors require extensive maintenance that a regular mop or bucket cannot clean. For example, if you maintain a warehouse, a plant, or a huge gym in San Diego, using a powerful floor scrubber can clean the floors and maintain it much faster and more efficient than manual methods. The cleaner and more well maintained your floors are, the lesser the incidences of slips and falls. This will reduce loss of production time and cost of compensation for injured employees.

Apart from ensuring health and safety, a clean workplace can help your company boost its income by spending less on compensation costs while increasing productivity. Investing in powerful janitorial equipment may require some initial cost but the long term benefits of owning one is worth the investment.


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