Some Brush Types for Used Floor Scrubbers on Certain Types of Floors

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It’s important to keep the floors at households and business premises clean and well-maintained for both aesthetic appeal and safety reasons. Slippery and damaged floors can pose serious risk of accidents. To keep floor properly cleaned up, you need to use the right kind of tools.

Brush Types for Floor Scrubbers

Floor Scrubber Types

Mops and vacuum cleaners are often used to clean floors. While these can clean the surface of dust and dirt, it does not give the deep clean that is sometimes required. For deep cleaning you need to use floor scrubbers.

There are various types of scrubbers that suit different floor surfaces. For proper cleaning, you need to use the right equipment and just the right kinds of brushes or your floors may get damaged.

Poly Brush

This kind of brush is most commonly used on floors that feature grout lines, such as in the bathroom, the kitchen, or even out on the garage. The bristles are fine enough as to be able to get in the grout lines to clean out dust and grime buildup.

Strip Grit Brush

This is what you need for a harder clean. Concrete floors, especially those exposed to grease and oils, such as in garages and driveways, would benefit the most from this. Tile floors with stripping finishes could also be effectively cleaned with this type of brush.

Soft Bristle Brush

For more delicate floors, such as ceramic tiles, it’s best to use soft bristle brushes to avoid scratching surfaces. It should be effective enough to scoop out the dirt without damaging the surface of the material.

It can also be used for marble floors for that gentle but efficient clean, especially if there are stains or marks on the floor, such as from carts or luggage wheels, for example. However, cloth mops usually provide better results on marble floorings and other similar materials.

If you’d like to be a bit more cost-efficient, you can invest instead in used floor scrubbers and then simply replace the brush as you deem fit. This should be a much better option especially if you only have a relatively small area to work on which does not need heavy cleaning often. Companies like Total Clean Equipment can provide you with the cleaning equipment you need. 

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