Clean Greener with This Advance Sweeper-Scrubber

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The Advance CS7000 combination sweeper-scrubber in Los Angeles represents the new greener, smarter class of industrial cleaning technology. Friendly for both your budget and the environment, the sweeper-scrubber is the ideal economic and ecological cleaning solution.

The three models (Diesel-Hybrid, LPG-Hybrid and ePower Battery) of the CS7000 are efficient alternatives to the high-maintenance hydraulic systems of the past, and their innovative Electric Drive technology delivers the lowest cost of ownership and most sustainable cleaning solution on the market today.


One-Pass Cleaning

All combination sweeper-scrubbers enable you to scrub and sweep in a single pass, but the CS7000 takes that technology a step further: the separate disc scrubbing and cylindrical sweeping systems deliver superior cleaning by keeping dry debris dry. This cutting-edge innovation reduces maintenance costs and increases productivity.

Sweeping Away the Competition

In tests against products from the previous generation, the CS7000 blows the competition away. The sweeper-scrubber’s ePower battery produces zero emissions and actually lasts longer than conventional batteries, and the CS7000 reduces fuel consumption and decreases emissions of carbon dioxide by up to 45% more than comparable machines.

Superior Features, Superior Savings

Intelligent design is a hallmark of the CS7000. Cleaning and service are easy thanks to the MaxAccess feature that grants complete access to the vital systems of the machine, the Clear-View system improves efficiency and safety, and the DustGuard feature significantly reduces airborne dust by up to 85%.

The CS7000 eliminates the high maintenance complexities of hydraulic systems, delivering these superior features with superior savings. Unlike conventional sweeper-scrubbers that are powered by hydraulic systems, the CS7000 does not require filters, large hydraulic reservoirs, oil coolers or the majority of other leak-prone hydraulic components. Instead, the CS7000 runs on a low-maintenance, electronically-controlled system that will cut your maintenance budget by thousands.

This modern Electric Drive technology sets the CS7000 apart from the competition. No matter which model you select, the Advance CS7000 delivers superior cleaning, the lowest cost of ownership and the most sustainable solution for your needs.

For more information about the Advance CS7000 sweeper-scrubber for sale in Los Angeles and how it can save you money while providing a greener clean, contact the team at Total Clean today!

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