Cleaner Floors for Food Processing Plants

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Be honest — if you manage a food processing plant, would you eat off the floors of your facility? 

The leading cause of FDA recalls is bacterial contamination, and we see it in the news all the time. Produce is frequently recalled for contamination with listeria, E. coli and Salmonella, and the problem is getting worse: recalls for contamination have grown to 31% in recent years. 

The problem is that pathogens like those named above tend to thrive in areas where water is allowed to pool or spaces with lots of dust particles. Bacteria easily moves to food contact surfaces when workers steps in pools of water or dust goes airborne, making the germs “aerosolize.” Bacteria can easily be moved from one area to another on rolling cart wheels or the shoes of workers. 

Mops and Brooms Move Bacteria 

Common cleaning tools like shop-style vacuums, mops and brooms actually make the problem worse. The thing mops are best at is actually spreading bacteria. Think about it: as soon as you dunk your used mop into a bucket, all of the water in that bucket becomes contaminated. Every time you dunk your mop, your “clean solution” becomes even more contaminated, and bacteria and grime are easily spread around your facility. 

Brooms act in a similar way when it comes to moving bacteria and germs. When you sweep, you kick up all the dust particles in an area and send them flying into the air. Any bacteria that was in those particles is now spread around your space and able to travel into air vents or settle on food contact surfaces. 

Industrial Scrubbers and Sweepers Ensure Compliance and Cleanliness 

Our industrial floor scrubbers and sweepers for sale ensure worker safety, cleanliness and compliance with FDA and USDA regulations. 

Our industrial floor scrubbers for sale in Phoenix clean floors with detergent and water to prevent cross-contamination and build-up of bacteria. Our machines also dry as they clean, creating a safer space and minimizing the risk of falls, trips and slips. 

Our industrial floor sweepers outperform brooms in every way too. They collect debris and dust instead of just moving it around and prevent it from going back into the air in your facility. 

We are happy to recommend cleaning equipment that is designed specifically for the food processing industry. Contact us today to learn more! 

Total Clean. Total Solutions.

Interested in seeing our equipment in action? Contact us to schedule your free demo today.
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