Electrifying Efficiency: The Pickman XR 2&4-Door Mini Electric Off-Road Vehicles

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New Product Announcement – we at Total Clean are proud to introduce the Pickman XR 2-Door & 4-Door Mini Electric Off-Road Vehicle—a game-changer in the realm of fleet efficiency.

The Electric Off-Road Vehicle Revolution: Why It Matters

Compact machines, such as the Pickman XR, serve as an ideal entry point into the world of electric off-road vehicle fleets. When it’s not in the budget to flip or trade out all your vehicles at once, adding mini electric and off-road utility vehicles slowly to your fleet can help you stay within rising budget costs while also moving your technology to a more efficient and sustainable level- all without sacrificing power or capability. These vehicles now have the ability to match the performance of diesel equivalents in various applications, and coupled with zero emissions and quiet operation, it makes them a valuable addition to any fleet. Charging options for electric off-road vehicles are also expanding, providing flexibility for remote job site charging and DC fast charging. As charging infrastructure improves, the operational efficiency of these vehicles increases, making them more viable for continuous and future use.
Considering electric off-road machines for fleet compliance is essential for sustainable and future-focused fleet management. Fleet managers and other maintenance leadership alike should recognize the importance of integrating off-road electric vehicles into the overall fleet strategy to meet evolving regulations and sustainability goals.

The Pickman XR: Redefining Off-Road Excellence

It’s not a fantasy to imagine off-road vehicles that seamlessly blend power, efficiency, and sustainability- the Pickman XR 2&4-Door models do just that. Boasting dual motors, 4×4 capability, lithium power, and off-road-ready suspension, these vehicles are engineered to conquer diverse terrains with ease.

The Pickman 4XR, with its 4 doors, dual cab, and dual motors, stands out as a versatile powerhouse in a small package. It offers the flexibility to switch from dual motor mode to single motor mode, conserving battery life and reaching higher top speeds. With a class-leading payload capacity and towing capability, the Pickman 4XR rivals full-sized trucks at a fraction of the size and running costs.

Similarly, the Pickman XR 2-Door model embraces the same powerful features, providing off-road enthusiasts and fleet managers with a compact yet robust solution. The efficient powertrain and truck bed architecture contribute to impressive payload capacity and towing capability, making it an ideal addition to any fleet looking to increase efficiency.

Embrace Change with Total Clean, Your Partner in Fleet Efficiency

At Total Clean, our commitment to innovation and excellence aligns seamlessly with the values embodied by the Pickman XR 2&4-Door models. Great things can come in small packages, and the Pickman XR models are proof of that. The Pickman XR 2&4-Door models represent a revolutionary step toward electrifying fleet efficiency and Total Clean is here to encourage and facilitate fleet managers and enthusiasts embracing the change toward sustainable and efficient off-road vehicles.

Ready to electrify your fleet? Join us on our innovation journey and redefine off-road excellence. Contact Total Clean today via our web form or give us a call at (909) 598-2706. Let us be your trusted partner in achieving unparalleled fleet efficiency and sustainability.

Total Clean. Total Solutions.

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