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Liberty SC60 Autonomous Floor Scrubber

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When purchasing a floor scrubber or sweeper does not make sense, renting a sweeper from Total Clean Equipment may be a great alternative. We have a large stock of sweepers and rental floor scrubbers that are available at a moments notice for a day, week, month, or long term rental. All of our sweepers and floor scrubbers are the newest available models and are thoroughly maintained and cleaned after each rental assuring that your machine will be up and running when you need it.

Whether you are a seasoned veteran at using cleaning equipment or someone that is using it for the first time our machines are easy to operate and perform at the highest standards every time. We include a thorough training for all operators and are always just a phone call away for the question that may come up. If you are looking for a small walk-behind rental floor scrubber in Los Angeles, CA or a large rental Sweeper-Scrubber in San Diego we have the ability to facilitate all of your needs. Our sweepers and floor scrubbers are the perfect solution to all of your cleaning needs, whether it is a cement plant, construction site, warehouse floor, or commercial floor surface we have a scrubber for you.

Sweeper-Scrubbers for Rent in Los Angeles

Our industrial sweeper-scrubbers for rent increase fuel economy and runtime efficiency while reducing your total cost of ownership, including labor, maintenance and operation. Both ecological and economical, we carry a rental sweeper-scrubber for every need, application and budget.

Our large inventory of rental combination sweeper-scrubbers delivers outstanding benefits and features, including high downward scrub brush pressure, all-hydraulic operations, aggressive cleaning power, dual counter-rotating cylindrical brushes, optimized designs, high maneuverability, advanced safety features and easy controls.

Rental Floor Scrubbers

Our floor scrubber rental program is ideal for anyone who needs the ultimate in cleaning power for a short term project, wants to fulfill their long-term needs without breaking the bank or anyone who is looking for the perfect, affordable solution to their cleaning needs. If you are looking for a rental floor scrubber near me we are perfect fit, since we deliver right to your location. We work hard at Total Clean Equipment to connect you with the best cleaning options for your needs and budget!

Our rental floor scrubbers include innovative features like dual counter-rotating cylindrical brushes, rugged designs, easy-to-use controls, large tanks and scrub paths, high maneuverability, steel construction, reliable performance, cylindrical or disc brushes, interchangeable scrub decks and more!

Interested in learning more? Contact us today to request your quote!

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