How Floor Scrubbers Keep Campus Sports Floors Clean and Safe

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One way of keeping campus grounds clean is by purchasing floor scrubbers. Some schools in Los Angeles opt to buy used ones because brand new equipment is expensive, while other administrators rent floor scrubbers to avoid the high upfront cost of a purchase as well as the cost of regular maintenance and repairs. If you’re in charge of keeping campus sports grounds spotless, here’s what you need to know about the significance of clean floors to the welfare of your students and organization.

Floors Clean and Safe

Cleanliness Is Crucial to Preventing the Spread of Disease

Campus sports facilities are some of the most common breeding and spreading grounds of germs and viruses. Student athletes who frequently use these places are at risk for bacterial, fungal, and viral skin infections. Twenty-one-year-old Kyle Frey of Drexel University, a competitive wrestling student, acquired methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) most likely from the school gym. MRSA is dangerous because it is a kind of germ that doesn’t get treated through the usual antibiotics for most Staph infections. Unclean facilities can also result in other illnesses, such as athlete’s foot, boils, and ringworm.

Cleaning the sports grounds thoroughly with floor scrubbers is an important step to reducing the spread of illnesses. Adding this activity to the regimen of disinfecting all surfaces as often as possible is important to the health of students and other users. Outdoor floors should be tidied as well to decrease the accumulation of germs and contaminants in the school grounds, like those from dust and waste.

Safety from Slips and Falls

School floors must not be slippery or cluttered as these can cause students to slip or trip and fall. Student athletes often make quick moves in sports facilities, increasing the hazards of falling and hurting themselves from wet floors. The school can be held liable for these accidents if injured individuals can prove it had been remiss in its duties to keep its facilities safe and clean. To avoid being liable for campus slips and falls, use floor scrubbers to keep the grounds dry and clean.

Investing in the upkeep of your campus grounds is one of the best preventative steps against both illnesses and lawsuits. You can buy or rent used floor scrubbers in Phoenix that will fit your cleaning needs and budget. Different kinds of equipment can also be bought for indoor and outdoor sweeping. Contact the top sellers of floor scrubbers as soon as you can to improve the sanitation and safety of your school sports facilities.


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