Floor Scrubbers Service and Equipment: Operation and Maintenance Tips

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Keeping a commercial establishment or industrial space clean in Los Angeles or elsewhere calls for the use of specialized equipment such as floors scrubbers that can significantly cut the work time and labor in half—or more than half for optimal efficiency. Then again, it’s not enough to simply hop on or walk behind a floor scrubber. There are several ways for you to make the most of your floor scrubber rental in Los Angeles from Total Clean Equipment.

operation and maintenance tipsPrepare the Floor and Scrubber

Before getting started on your scrubbing duty, you should remove loose dirt and debris from the floor first. You may use an industrial floor sweeper to properly get the job done. Sweeping away excess dirt and debris will make the scrubbing easier as well as protect your scrubber from unnecessary strain. Too much loose dirt on the floor can damage the vacuum system or scrubber pad and can lead to the dirt being spread around and grinded into the floor surface, thereby causing permanent damage. Next, make sure to fill the scrubber’s intake tank with water and detergent according to the manufacturer’s instructions. See to it that the scrubber pad and other components are fastened securely.

Follow an Efficient Path and Process

While scrubbing the floor, ensure that the scrubber squeegee is in the down position and evenly flat on the floor. Once you get the scrubber going, slowly work in straight parallel rows back and forth across the floor. Go over each pass slightly so that you avoid missing any spots. Empty the recovery tank as needed and keep an eye on the intake tank, adding more water as necessary. When you’re finished, remember to plug the scrubber to its charger and store it in a clean and dry location.

Practice Basic Safety Measures

If your scrubber is experiencing a few glitches, it’s best to call on floor scrubbers service in Los Angeles than to place your equipment at risk of breaking down completely. Other than protecting your machine, you ought to protect yourself, too. Operators of floor scrubbers usually require hearing, respiratory, eye, and skin protection. For instance, although the scrubbing process does not produce a lot of airborne particles, dust could still be released out into the air and be inhaled. You should wear a simple dust mask to keep from breathing in any dirt and dust.

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