Floor Scrubbers Service in Los Angeles Lowers Business Risk Factors

Any business owner who owns an automatic floor scrubber or who periodically schedules a floor scrubber rental knows the benefits of using such machinery. However, those who own such equipment may not realize the need for routine floor scrubbers service to minimize the risks posed to their Los Angeles area business and its staff.

Inefficient Cleaning Routine

Neglecting to service your equipment keeps you unaware of changes that could affect the efficiency of your cleaning routine.

If a part on the scrubber is damaged, such as the squeegee, excess water may not be extracted. If floors are wet, time will need to be spent drying them and work normally conducted on those floors will be interrupted.

Also, bacteria in the dirty water may linger and taint the area after cleaning. Consequently, the floor scrubber is no longer fulfilling its purpose. This is particularly important in healthcare settings, where there may be sick and vulnerable people who are at additional risk when exposed to lingering bacteria.

A poorly maintained battery may result in an automatic floor scrubber expiring earlier than it should. Repeated recharging results in a smaller surface area being covered with each cleaning. Therefore, more employee time is taken to scrub the entire premises.

Staff Issues

If a floor scrubber hasn’t been serviced and isn’t working properly, staff may resort to manual methods of cleaning instead. This will take additional time and the physical exertion required to scrub a floor proficiently may cause illness or injury. Not only might an organization need to spend money on sick-leave, but it also risks lawsuits claiming negligence.

Unhappy staff members tend to be unproductive, so, supply them with properly maintained equipment.

Loss of Profits

The aforementioned issues ultimately lead to a loss of profits; money which could be saved for other labor costs will need to be spent. It’s much easier for a company to arrange regular equipment servicing than face litigation.

Alternatively, if you don’t want to service machinery yourself, consider the option of floor scrubber rental. Rental companies around Phoenix and outlying areas will prepare the equipment for its intended use. If there are any problems, you can request replacement machinery, rather than force your staff to unduly struggle.

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