Why Your Healthcare Facility Needs a Parking Lot Sweeper

While it can be argued that any business can benefit from a parking lot sweeper, there are many reasons why they are particularly important for healthcare facilities, whether in Los Angeles or elsewhere.

Parking lot sweepers are specifically designed for outdoor use for a more thorough cleaning, even in year-round warm environments such as Phoenix. They are most frequently built into trucks and other heavy duty vehicles rather than ride-on machines. Therefore, they can cover more ground than an indoor sweeper. They can also maneuver along uneven ground better than their indoor counterparts.

There are a host of reasons that healthcare facilities, especially, should use a parking lot sweeper.

A Cleaner Environment

Just think of the dirt and germs that build up on a hospital parking lot. Meanwhile, sick patients enter and exit the premises throughout the day. Now, imagine the debris and bacteria they breathe in from this buildup while coursing the parking lot. For large-scale facilities, it’s not enough to have someone walking around the parking lot picking up trash with a broom, bag and dustpan. Moreover, even they stand a risk of illness through inhalation of these air particles.

A parking lot sweeper removes debris without manual contact. Bacteria which settles into the trash will be removed from the environment. Because microbes from the trash can transfer to the air, removing the source will ensure that vulnerable people aren’t inhaling harmful bacteria.

Because the germs and debris are removed, it’s less likely for someone to transfer bacteria into the healthcare facility from their shoes, wheelchairs or walkers.

More Inviting for Patients

When patients come to a healthcare facility, they want to see a clean, welcoming environment. A parking lot filled with trash or debris looks filthy, and therefore, repels patients and their families. Your operation will fall prey to complaints and negative feedback, damaging your reputation and ability to provide care to those who need it.

Quicker to Use

Healthcare facilities are wont to focus on cleaning their interiors more than their exteriors. A parking lot sweeper is so efficient, it can allow both to be accomplished without straining the staff.

A parking lot sweeper is a smart piece of equipment for any healthcare facility. There are a variety of machines available, and a company that specializes in this equipment can easily help you determine which sweeper is best for you.

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