How to Choose the Best Type of Brush Head for Used Floor Scrubbers

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Maintaining clean floors in your Los Angeles business is not only essential to the safety of your staff and visitors, but it also conveys a sense of pride in what you do. In order to get your flooring as clean as possible, you will need to know how to select the right type of brush head for your new or used floor scrubbers. Choosing the right brush head helps to ensure that all the grime and dirt is removed from your floors without damaging the surface of the flooring.

Floor Scrubber

Grit Brushes

Grit brushes are a great choice for placing on your commercial floor scrubber in order to clean a bare concrete floor. The grit brushes are able to get rid of ground-in dirt and residue that seeps into the pores of the unsealed concrete. While operating your floor scrubber that is outfitted with a grit brush, be sure to keep the brush head moving, as allowing the brush to sit in one spot could wear away some of the floor’s surface. Scrub grit brushes are used for routine cleaning, while strip grit brushes can be used to remove a sealant or wax from your floors.

Nylon Brushes

Nylon brushes are a great choice for use on any type of floor surface, including tile, concrete, wood and laminate. Nylon brushes are durable and highly resistant to abrasion. A nylon floor scrubber brush can be used on interior flooring as well as on your outdoor pathways. It can also be used on concrete parking lots where cars and other vehicles have left oily stains.

Poly Brushes

When you need to clean flooring with uneven surfaces, such as ceramic or porcelain tiles, poly brushes are an ideal choice. The bristles of a poly brush are resistant against abrasion and can withstand heavy duty cleaning projects. You can also use these brush heads on your used commercial floor scrubber in order to clean areas with grout. If your flooring has a lot of drains or grates, a poly brush can easily move over and around these uneven and irregular surfaces.

Now that you know which type of brush head is right for your floors, don’t forget about your floor scrubbers and keep them well-maintained always. In that regard, Los Angeles floor scrubber dealers such as Total Clean Equipment can be contacted for a service call.

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