3 Considerations Before You Buy or Rent a Floor Scrubber

Maintaining a clean and orderly office space is important. Aside from ensuring a neat physical appearance, a clean office promotes safety and gives a professional ambiance for its employees and clients. The traditional cleaning method of using mops, buckets, cleaners and soaps is no longer adequate for the modern office. Nowadays, automatic cleaning equipment do more than just meet the demands of sanitation in workplaces — they do it better and in less time, too. For instance, floor scrubbers may be a cost-effective solution to keep your floors clean with minimal manpower.

Especially when your facility needs a regular cleaning, investing in a floor scrubber may be worth the cost. However, some may find difficulty making the required initial outlay. Should you find yourself with a tight budget, getting a floor scrubber rental may be a good option. Here are some factors to help you decide whether buying or renting a floor scrubber is the practical choice for your company.

renting or buying

Frequency of Cleaning

Some facilities may require more cleaning than others. Floors which experience heavy amounts of foot traffic naturally require more frequent cleanups. Hospital floors need to be constantly cleaned to prevent the spread of germs and chemical residue need to be immediately removed from laboratory floors. Such types of facilities will benefit from having their own floor scrubbers and other mechanized cleaning equipment. Floor scrubber rentals may be more appropriate for smaller buildings and facilities that seldom require cleaning.

Cost Efficiency

Whatever type your floor is – linoleum, wood, tiles or concrete – a floor scrubber is a good option especially when the floors require extensive maintenance. Instead of heavily spending on cleaning supplies, tools and manpower to clean and maintain for your floors, having an efficient floor scrubber can help cut these costs down. In fact, a ride on type can easily be operated by a single person. However, if you feel like you are not yet ready for a big purchase, a floor scrubber rental is a good alternative.

Maintenance Needs

While it is useful to have efficient floor scrubbers to maintain cleanliness in your office buildings, owning one means having to properly maintain them to extend their service life. It is important to call on floor scrubber service professionals for any maintenance and repair needs of your machines. If you choose to avail of floor scrubber rentals, however, the supplier takes care of any repair and maintenance requirements.

Whether you are in Phoenix or in Los Angeles, a floor scrubber rental can help maintain and clean your floors for less. However, should you find yourself in need of regular, detailed cleaning, purchasing your own equipment may be the best option.