From Industrial Sweepers to Sealants: Practical Lot Maintenance Tips

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Business establishments in Southern CA and elsewhere have several ways to please their consumers, from providing high-quality products and services to investing in amenities that offer utmost convenience. Other than ensuring a well-designed and clean interior, business owners need to maintain a professional and trustworthy façade—starting with their parking lots.

industrial sweepers sealantsParking lot maintenance doesn’t have to be labor intensive and complicated as long as you have the right equipment and adhere to best practices. From utilizing parking lot sweepers to seal coating, commercial property managers can keep their parking spaces appealing and in good condition with the following pointers:

Regular Lot Sweeping

Industrial sweepers from leading companies near and around Phoenix such as Total Clean Equipment have a lot to offer when it comes to features and performance. By choosing the right sweeper that goes with the size and composition of your parking space, scheduled sweepings won’t consume a lot of time and energy. In fact, consistently sweeping your lot has numerous benefits, namely making the space more attractive, ensuring that the parking lot remains safe for cars and pedestrians, and protecting the surface from premature wear and tear.

Repair Potholes and Cracks ASAP

As long as you’re keen on keeping debris, dust, grease, and grime off your lot, it would be easy for you to spot any irregularities and damages on the lot’s surface. Over time, the asphalt on paved surfaces may shrink and oxidize, thereby creating small cracks in the pavement. Early detection of potential cracks and small potholes before they get worse can lower your repair and upkeep costs. Filling cracks with a recommended sealer should be part of your routine maintenance schedule. This will prevent ugly potholes from creeping up and ruining your parking lot’s aesthetic value.

Ensure Proper Drainage

Small rocks, oil, and other debris aren’t the only enemies of your highly exposed and wide parking lot. Water is another external element that you have to watch out for. Regular sweeping reduces the amount of contaminants and sediments in rainwater runoff; therefore, minimizing the pollutants entering drains and sewers. Maintaining optimal drainage can significantly add to the longevity of your parking lot. Take note that standing water can weaken your lot’s surface, not to mention that a backed-up drain is quite unsightly.

Use a Sealant

Did you know that facilities can save up to 50% in parking lot maintenance costs with a sealed pavement? Seal coating slows the degradation of the pavement material and prevents water as well as other elements from seeping through the surface. The effectiveness of sealants depends on the parking lot’s degree of use and weather exposure, but lasts around 2 years on average.


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