Los Angeles Janitorial Equipment: What You Need for Pressure Washing

A pressure washing business can be a profitable venture in a large city like Los Angeles. The pollution  and the never-ending summers make it easy for buildings and outdoor surfaces to accumulate dust, muck and even mildew, and someone has to clean them!

the high pressure water blasts the muck

If you are considering starting a pressure washing business in LA, you need the right tools to succeed. Start by obtaining the appropriate janitorial equipment in Los Angeles. Follow these tips to get started.

Opt for professional-grade pressure washers.

Pressure washers fall under several categories. Typically, these products are based on the pounds per square inch (PSI) they can produce, which ranges from 1000 PSI to 4000 PSI. In general, you can call pressure washes light-duty (maximum 2000 PSI), medium-duty (maximum 3000 PSI), heavy-duty (maximum 4000 PSI) and extra-heavy-duty (above 4000 PSI).

The last two categories are suitable for commercial cleaning. These pressures washers are considered professional-grade because they can be used for extended durations repeatedly. Heavy- and extra-heavy-duty equipment with pumps that can produce at least four gallons per minute are especially effective on solid surfaces like paved driveways, concrete stairs and floors and multistory walls.

Consider what (or where) you’ll clean.

Will your business cater to retail properties, industrial complexes or municipalities? Are pavements, parking lots and driveways your main target areas? How about building surfaces such as walls, siding and floors? Gas-powered pressure washers with hot water systems are generally the best choice for outdoor applications and other heavy-duty uses, but you may need a powerful trailer mounted pressure washer in Los Angeles for construction, mining or logging sites.

To get started sourcing this equipment, contact established dealers like Total Clean Equipment that distribute and service new and used janitorial equipment at affordable prices.

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