A Trailer Mounted Pressure Washer for Every Application

We provide trailer mounted pressure washers within Los Angeles, San Diego and throughout central and south California and Nevada. To learn more about these and other Total Clean products, reach out to us today by scheduling a demo or requesting a quote. 

Pro Tow Wash Trailer Mounted Pressure Washer

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The highly versatile Pro Tow Wash ® is designed with single or tandem axles for easy towing and a choice of 185 to 540 gallon water capacity. The ability to tow high water volume allows you to clean at remote sites where a water source may not be available or lets you work in a variety of areas without having to hunt for a water supply at each site. When you need mobile hot or cold water high pressure cleaning, these transport trailers with pressure washer, water tank and hose reels are the answer. Hydro Tek’s Pro Tow Wash ® is the first choice of contract cleaning professionals in the United States. Great for city maintenance, rental yards, logging, mining, or construction areas. Trailer brake options are surge or electric.

HydroTek Pressure Washers

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Hydro Tek self-contained hot water Pressure Washer skid mounted on a Vantage Truck with 5 gallons per minute @ 3500 psi with a 200 gallon tank and high pressure hose reel. This unit is perfect for hospitals, schools, shopping centers, casinos and areas where there is no access to water. Very compact and will easily fit in most tight areas and with a low overhead.

Customizable Pressure Washer Fabrication

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