The Small Vacuum Everyone Should Have: Madvac LP61-G Portable Litter Vacuum

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The Madvac LP61-G parking lot sweeper is a cost effective, high-performance litter vacuum designed specifically for hard-to-reach areas, like fence lines, parking lots, parks, alleys, roads and highways, trails, hills, shelters, ditches and more. Perfect for cities and municipalities, this parking lot sweeper in San Diego, Phoenix, Los Angeles and Las Vegas from Total Clean Equipment is also great for outdoor cleaning contractors, transfer stations, transit authorities, amusement parks, distribution centers, healthcare services, landfills and more.

It delivers cleaning five times more efficiently than manual picking, saving you time, money and energy. Collect any type of litter, from dry debris to wet! The unit is compact, lightweight and easy to use. Available as either a skid mount or trailer mount, the LB61-G from Madvac is efficient and reliable.

Key Features

The LB61-G features a rugged Vanguard 400 engine, 2200 CFM vacuum rating that delivers industry-leading vacuum power, a straight-through suction system that compacts litter at a 2:1 ration and a bottom-mounted fan that eliminates jamming issues.



Fuel type: Gas, no diesel
Fuel tank capacity: Motor 1.6 gal plus two tanks 10.4 gal for total of 12 gal
Litter capacity: 50 gal
Vacuum rating: 2200 CFM
Standard hose: 8 in diameter, 25 ft length including handle
Hose support arm: 360-degree rotating vacuum hose support arm
Collection system type: Straight-through suction system compacts litter
Instruments: Hour, fuel, emergency stop button, strobe beacon

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About Madvac

With thousands of units sold worldwide Madvac is today one of the most recognized brand names within the outdoor cleaning industry for both public and private sector organizations. Madvac is the only manufacturer in North America of compact outdoor cleaning vehicles. With 30 years of experience, Madvac builds all their vehicles according to strict standards. All vehicles are shipped fully assembled and ready for use, and all vehicles are easy to operate with no CDL required. They are designed to handle the toughest conditions, including rain, and every unit can pick up both dry and wet debris.


Total Clean. Total Solutions.

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